10 Free Women’s Beach Dress Sewing Patterns: Round-up

Have you been thinking about creating a beach dress that actually fits your body by sewing one yourself?!?! ME TOO! Lol… recently I was trying on clothes and I HATED EVERYTHING! There was always something I didn’t like about each dress I tried on. Didn’t like the colour, the pattern, how short it was, too long, not enough boob space, to skanky, not enough skin… lol. Wouldn’t it be nice if a dress was made just for your exact body type?!?! Well I thought so. So, here I am, searching the internet for an easy women’s beach dress sewing patterns, and I thought why not share some of my top beautiful free sewing patterns with you!!

Here is a round-up of the beach dress sewing patterns I love, and that I’m thinking about recreating. I’d love to hear which one is your fav, or which one you would attempt to recreate?!?! wink!


10 Free easy sewing patterns for Woman's Beach Dresses




The Faux-Wrap Dress Tutorial – from Elle Apparel

If you haven’t heard of Elle Apparel you need to discover her now! Her dresses are amazing! She is one of my sewing dream girls. LOL. Seriously… she is very inspiring and gorgeous too! Okay enough gushing… she has tones of awesome sewing patterns on her beautiful blog. I actually couldn’t pick just one so you might find more post from her on this list… Lol

Okay okay the faux wrap dress! Seems simple enough. I love that she uses an elastic waist, to reduce the chance of dress malfunctions, while enjoying yourself on a surprisingly windy beach, or while holding a flailing child! Plus it can go from the beach, to a fancy date night. I love it so much!



DIY Cross Back Dress – A Pair and A Spare

Here is another amazingly beautiful seamstress/DIY goddess that I adore. She has the ability to make beautiful easy to make clothing, as well as gorgeous DIY’s. You need to check out Geneva on her beautiful blog for so much inspiration!

This Cross Back Dress is beautiful, looks easy to create, and could be worn on many different outings. The beach, shopping, exploring the jungle, or a fun night out. The straps that wrap around your body can also be tied in different ways to make your dress transform. One dress, more than one look! I think it is so cute, and I cant wait to find some awesome fabric to make this Cross Back Dress out of!



Easy Tassel Hem Swimsuit Coverup (Beginner Sewing Tutorial) – from Merrick’s Art

Merrick has beautiful modern sewing tutorials that any beginner sewing enthusiast could complete! I love so many of her sewing tutorials. There might be more than one of her awesome tutorials on this list… Including this Easy Tassel Hem Swimsuit Coverup! I think it could also work as a comfy beach dress! I love its simplicity and the playful pom-pom tassel hem! SO cute! I can’t wait to recreate this dress!




Frayed Denim Neckline Sundress– from Sewing Rabbit

I am in love with this frayed denim neckline sundress. I love the easy spaghetti straps, the ruched neckline, and of course the fabric!! Awesome all around! This dress would be awesome for a day at the beach or for a casual day around town. I wish I had some of this beautiful fabric right now to make one as a cool outfit for the water park.

Jessica from Sewing Rabbit has lots of beautiful sewing projects for you to try. I highly recommend her sewing projects, because I love her fun style!



Trapeze Tank Dress Pattern {free} – from Sewing Rabbit

And because I love the Sewing Rabbit so much, here is another one of her beautiful easy beach dress sewing patterns. The Trapeze Tank Dress Pattern is one of those dresses that is super comfy for every day! You could sew one in different colours, and be comfy everyday all summer long. This pattern also comes with an idea to create a twist on the neck line to make this dress a little more fancy! I cant wait to sew this dress pattern, so that a can comfortably run after my kiddos on the beach all summer long!



Off the Shoulder Dress Tutorial – from Elle Apparel

Another super cute dress from Elle Apparel! This Off the Shoulder Dress is super cute, and just dressy enough to take it from the beach (as a beach cover up) to a hot date! This dress is simple to sew and simple to dress up. Plus this dress is prefect for reducing those tan lines! You can make it unique by sewing it in any fabric that you can dream up. I think dresses that show of the beauty of your clavicle are gorgeous. Have fun creating one to add to your summer wardrobe!


Tie Dye Cap Sleeve Tiered Dress – from Merrick’s Art

So this Tie Dye Cap Sleeve Tiered Dress is sooooo up my ally! From the tie dye patterned fabric, to the super cute caped sleeves! I LO-O-O-O-OVE IT! I wish I had my hands on that fabric right now!! So cute! I would wear this dress everywhere, so no need to let you know my ideas of where to show off this dress… just EVERYWHERE! Lol. Although this dress has a few more steps than most of the rest that I have fallen in love with, I definitely think that it is worth the try! I can’t wait to recreate it!



Pleated Palm Leaf Print Beach Dress (Sewing Tutorial) – from Merrick’s Art

Another awesome beach dress by Merrick’s Art! Girlfriend has so much talent. I love her creations. They are all super cute, versatile, and look not that hard to recreate! All of the features I look for in a great sewing pattern! This Pleated Palm Leaf Beach Dress is so awesome! Another dress that is super comfy, and can take you anywhere. love the fun print too. Goes to show that you can pick a bold print and ruche it at the neck line and it still looks amazing! So many possibilities with this pattern!



Sewing a Beach Coverup, for ME! – from Made Everyday

Super cute beach cover up by Dana at Made Everyday! I love this style of dress. Perfect for the beach or running after the kiddos at the playground. You could make the dress with the waist band on the hips as shown, or you could move it up to create an empire waist band. I love the raiser back pattern, and all the options of fabric that could be used to create this fun dress! I can’t wait to enjoy a summer day in this dress!



DIY flutter sleeve wrap dress refashion video – from Cotton and Curls

And last but far from least… Cotton and Curls, DIY Flutter Sleeve Wrap Dress! I have wanted to create a dress like this for a long time. This is a dress refashion, so she took a very large dress and recreated it into a dress that fits her… and looks amazing! This opens up so many dress creation possibilities. I cant wait to search the second-hand stores in my area, for a dress made out of beautiful fabric, that I can recreate into something that fits me and in my style! So fun! And a great way to upcycle!

PLUS… This pattern comes with a video tutorial! I learn a lot more when I can actually see the process and hear her explain how the dress came to be. I love it, and I can’t wait to give this beautiful wrap dress a try!


So now you see my problem!! I found too many fun beach dress sewing patterns, and I can’t make up my mind for which one to make! I need HELP! Let me know which one you love the most? Or which one you are going to recreate? I’d love your input! Otherwise I might be making each one of these beach dress sewing patterns… spending my while summer sewing, instead of enjoying this beautiful beach weather, in my beautiful beach dresses! LOL!

And.. If you are looking for some awesome easy casual woman’s short patterns I made this awesome roundup, which has actually gone a bit viral! YAY! Have fun!

Until next time, enjoy creating and sporting your new awesome beach dress sewing patterns, and creating beautiful things everyday!



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