Crafts for Kids – Painted Sticks!

This week we stayed in our jammies and painted sticks! I know… Mom goals up in here! (not all week silly, but if I let the kids paint sticks all week, they would). My kiddos love sticks, but what they love more is paint on sticks! For some reason if there is a stick on the ground, somehow it ends up on the floor of our truck and ends up becoming a family member. A couple of weeks ago we went for a walk to the end of our street, which ends in a cul-de-sac, that backs onto a mountain, with a nature walk. It’s a beautiful walk, but the kiddos don’t get too far because they end up finding the best sticks right away. And we HAVE TO bring them home… we have a little collection of sticks in the garage, outside our front door, and in the truck! The collection is growing!!!

Crafts for Kid - painted sticks - pin

Crafts for kids - Painted Sticks! - collecting sticks

Crafts for kids - Painted Sticks! - finding sticks

So… I was trying to think of a creative way to use these sticks, and I have come up with a plan!!!… but first, the sticks need to be painted! This is how creating painted sticks goes with the kiddos…

Crafts for kids - Painted Sticks! - painting

Crafts for kids - Painted Sticks! - getting messy

Crafts for kids - Painted Sticks! - having fun

Crafts for kids - Painted Sticks!

Crafts for kids - Painted Sticks! - concentrating

Crafts for kids - Painted Sticks! - beautiful

As we were painting the stick, suddenly it became… Popsicle time!!

Crafts for kids - Painted Sticks! - popsicle time

Cheers to popsicle time!!!

Crafts for kids - Painted Sticks! - cheers

Crafts for kids - Painted Sticks! - fun timesI love Crayola Washable Kids Paint, as well as the Neon Colors. I can let them get a little crazy with the paint and it washes off so easily. I highly recommend these paints for the kiddos. And they come in a bunch of different colours. This is the neon Crayola paint set. I love this paint, although, I’m hoping that I can seal the paint so it doesn’t wipe off the sticks for the next phase of the project… (wink). We will see. Stay tuned for that.Crafts for kids - Painted Sticks! - crayola washable paint

Crafts for kids - Painted Sticks! - neon paints

Crafts for kids - Painted Sticks! - blue green

Crafts for kids - Painted Sticks! - absract painting

I love how free kids are when they paint. The mixture of colours is beautiful!

The next day they painted the other side of the half painted stick, and Corbin started painting his next stick in a green, blue, and purple combo. I need a bunch of painted sticks for my secret project, so painted sticks may become a common theme in our house for a bit, and hopefully the kiddos continue to love it as much as they currently do. I’m also hoping that the paint doesn’t migrate to their bodies, hands, feet, faces, each other… like it started to in the summer… painting halted in our home for a while. Now painting is having its comeback!

I hope you are inspired by this post to get your kids painting… they could paint anything, and love it. We have painted cardboard boxes, leaves, rocks… anything with paint on it is fun!… and I’m always shocked at how good their creations turn out. I may be biased but, I think I have Picasso’s on my hands! I love kid art! It’s like natural abstract art! Until next time, enjoy creating with your kiddos, and creating beautiful things!


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P.P.S. You can get your own Crayola Paints at the link below or at your local Wal-Mart!

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