Creative Lifestyle Blogger??? Welcome to my Family!!!

Where to start?!?!… I need to be honest with myself about this whole blogging thing that I love creating so much. I have so many ideas in my head and I don’t know how to properly articulate my thoughts without going on a hundred different tangents. So…I guess I’ll start with the basics…

Thought #1.

I love creating and sharing my creations to inspire others and to show people that creating beautiful things in life is really attainable, and not all that complicated. I love that this little blog thing keeps me motivated to continue creating, when my life is already extremely hectic while raising my 2 toddlers! Which brings me to thought 2…

Thought # 2.

Realistically I can not create enough unique and beautiful things while parenting!!! Not to mention create a blog solely about my creativity, including tutorials (which adds a significantly higher amount of time to the creativity process). This both makes me feel sad because that is where my interest for this blog lives, but it also makes me excited for my new idea!!!

Creative Mommy Lifestyle Blog

Thought #3.

Creative Mommy Lifestyle Blogging!!! Because that is where I’m at in life! And I love it!! So my idea is to start incorporating more posts about the creativity in our daily family life. I think that by adding our life into my blog I will be able to post more often, and blog about the life I am currently living (although I wish I had more time for more in depth creativity, it’s just not happening at this time in our lives. And I’m totally okay with that). I could include a variety of different types of posts, while doing things I love with my family. This is the time in my life that it is so important to soak up all of the memories of these little people we created and document it so that I can always look back on these times. Making memories fits into the theme of this blog, Making Things is Awesome… RIGHT?!?! I look forward to this new adventure and I have some thoughts for topics that I could blog about. And I came up with a little list. 

Thought #4.

In addition to my personal (mostly sewing) creations, some new topics to be added to Making Things is Awesome may include:

  • Creative Parenting hacks
  • Creativity in our daily life with toddlers
  • Cute & Creative toddler hair styles
  • Cute toddler outfits of the day (OOTD’s)
  • Creative ways to succeed in my fitness/weight loss journey with toddlers
  • Creative healthy toddler activities
  • Creative daily adventures around Kelowna. This could turn into the “Top reasons to move to Kelowna (toddler addition)?”
  • Creative toddler entertainment ideas
  • The darn creative things toddlers say
  • Creative cooking experiments with toddlers

You may see a theme emerging from this list… toddlers… MY LIFE!!

Thought #5.

I did create these toddlers so technically they fit into the theme of this blog “Making Things is Awesome!” And…Yes! Making them was Awesome!! haha, However, sorry there will be no tutorial on that creation in this blog! 😉


SO…… Welcome to our creative life! I’ll introduce you to my kiddos! This is my baby girl Ivy (Ivy Lynnkins) in the pink sunnies, and she is awesomely determined, adventuresome, and strong. She is currently obsessed with babies and her 10,000 sue-sues. And this is my son Corbin (Corpus Porpoise) in the wood grain sunnies. He recently turned 3 and is the friendliest person you will ever meet! He loves being out of the house and on the go.  I love these cool kiddos guts so much and I can’t wait to include them in my creativity. I have been fighting them off up until now, while trying to create and photograph my creations. I know life will be just that much easier when they are a bigger part of all things creative and beautiful on this blog.

Creative Mommy Lifestyle Blog - My kiddosAnd there you have it! A whole new path for this blog has been born. I hope you enjoy it as much as I’ll love creating it. Don’t worry I’ll still be blogging about everything creative as well, I just won’t feel the pressure to create something new everyday. Thanks for going on this journey with me. I love you all, and hope to see you soon with new creative family content that aims to inspire you to create a beautiful life! Making Memories is Awesome!


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4 thoughts on “Creative Lifestyle Blogger??? Welcome to my Family!!!”

  • Hey Jenna…. you are SO your mothers daughter!! Yes, your Dad gets credit as well…lol!!
    Well done you. Enjoy those darlings, as much as possible,
    and keep in mind; this was the stage that I found Trout lake community centre and aerobics… (for my sanity)
    and my kids got to play with other kids! It was a win/win!! HUGS Janice

    • Thanks so much Janice! YES!! This is a topic I want to cover in a blog post. I too have been going to the gym most weekday mornings, mostly for my sanity. I’m actually shocked that the child minding is not busy there at all. More moms I believe should take advantage of this service. I have been benefiting immensely both physically and mentally. More mentally though. Our day is so much better when the kids get out of the house and play with other kids and I get my alone time. I have a lot to say on this topic. haha. miss you! xo

  • You are freakin’ amazing and I love your guts for what you are doing here! You’ve got a gift!!! That creative Lyons gene was definately NOT wasted on you cousin!!!!! You go girl and I look forward to reading your blogs everyday….or as often as I possibly can!!

    • hehe… Thanks So much Darlene. I love Creating!! You are freakin’ amazing too!! miss you and wish we lived closer. If you are ever in the Kelowna area, you are more than welcome to come stay with us. Don’t forget that! xo

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