DIY Cloth Wipes for Your Baby’s Butt! -Tutorial!

Sometimes your DIY Cloth Wipes are TOOO beautiful to put on your baby’s butt!! Just look at them!! Instead of using these wipes for their intended purpose, I decided to display them proudly in Corbin’s baby room. Yes baby wipes can be considered super cute room decor!! Lol. Or at least when you have baby wipes as beautiful as these.  Who would want to put poop all over these cloth wipes??? Not me!!

DIY Cloth Wipes for Your Babies Butt! -Tutorial!

So, a little back story… I had very high hopes of cloth diapering my babies. And since using disposable wipes kind of defeats the environmental purpose of cloth diapering I decided to make reusable wipes to wipe my babies butts with… I did not consider the HUGE never-ending amount of POOP that would come out of these baby’s butts. I may have the poopiest babies ever born! I’m talking at least 5-7 massive poops a day Each!!!! Minimum!!!!!!!! And when food goes through them that fast their poops were never solid or easy to get off a cloth diaper. It was like poop tsunami hit our house every time I tried to clean the poop off a cloth diaper. I mean… I really wish we could have stuck it out, and we did try a few times to go back to cloth diapering, from taking a poop break with the convenience of just throwing a poopie disposable diaper in the garbage. But man!! We really couldn’t get over the poop! It was a crazy time! Oh, Don’t worry I took them both to the doctor and the doctor said their poops were fine. (Eye roll)

DIY Cloth Wipes for Your Babies Butt! -Tutorial!

Anyways the point is maybe making cloth wipes out of something less beautiful is the way to go. Because cloth wipes are going to get destroyed right away. So making beautiful wipes may be a waste of your time. Instead I suggest cutting up old flannel receiving blankets that you don’t like (because they will go through a lot). To finish them off you could do a zigzag stitch around the edges to reduce fraying, but really they will probably get stained and stankie before that happens. So really all you need is some old rags. Rags you don’t care about!!!

DIY Cloth Wipes for Your Babies Butt! -Tutorial!

So… If you are still not convinced that making beautiful wipes is a bad idea then I’ll just give you a short written tutorial on how I made my beautiful wipes!

Supplies Needed:

  • Super Cute Printed fabric cut to 7 1/2 inches by 7 1/2 inches (this allows for 1/4 inch seam allowances)
  • Coordinating Flannel Fabric for the back of the wipes
  • Coordinating Thread
  • Sewing Machine


Step 1: Spend hours looking at your stash of beautiful fabrics and pick out the best ones that you have to represent your new baby.

Step 2: Cut these beautiful fabrics into 7 1/2 inch by 7 1/2 inch squares (this is how big I cut mine but, I would maybe suggest going bigger as poop has a mind of it’s own and the more coverage you can get with a wipe the better!).

Step 3: Cut your flannel fabric into the same sized squares (in my case 7 1/2 inches by 7 1/2 inches).

Step 4: Place one of your beautiful fabrics and a flannel fabric together faces sides together. Then sew around all 4 sides but don’t forget to leave about a 2-3 inch space that is not sewed to be able to flip the wipe the right way out.

Step 5: Flip your wipe face side out through the space that you left open. Then use some sort of poky thing to push all the corners out into perfect beautiful points (I used a pen with the ball point of the pen inside the pen).

Step 6: You could iron them flat to make sure they are perfect (because cloth wipes neeeed to be perfect!!) but most people don’t have time for that (I’d probably skip this step).

Step 7: Top sew the edges of the cloth wipe (about a 1/4 inch from the edges). This has 2 purposes. One being it will close the spot that was left open when you flipped the wipe the right direction,  and more importantly purpose number 2… it makes them have a beautiful finished aura about them!

Step 8: Make 32 of them!!! However, if you decide to actually use these wipes I would suggest making more because who knows how poopie your beautiful, cute, precious baby will be?!?! Make 50 to be safe!!

DIY Cloth Wipes for Your Babies Butt! -Tutorial!

DIY Cloth Wipes for Your Babies Butt! -Tutorial!

So, I guess this post isn’t very helpful in an actual useful way, but more of a way to waste your time, or make something beautiful for your babies new nursery, or maybe (just maybe) you are brave enough to put these beautiful wipes on your baby’s poopie butt. This post is also a warning for parents-to-be that poop is a real issue, and did I mention I am a Nurse and poop doesn’t bother me (I have seen a lot of poop in my day). So just think about that! Good luck! I hope for you a baby that poops once a day! That’s a nice dream!

DIY Cloth Wipes for Your Babies Butt! -Tutorial!

If at this point you are still not convinced that beautiful cloth wipes for your baby’s butt is a bad idea, and you are not feeling the urge to make them yourself, I created a round-up of some beautiful wipes for you made by other talented sewers on Etsy, that you can buy at the following shops:

Thanks so much for taking the time to visit this post. I hope it inspires you to create beautiful things, butt in this case not too beautiful (wink). Until next time, just love, and enjoy creating ugly wipes for your baby’s butts!


P.S. Check out some other awesome baby sewing projects here!

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