DIY Duvet Cover From Flat Sheets! – Tutorial!

DIY Duvet Cover From 2 Flat Sheets

Duvet Covers make a big statement in a bedroom, but sometimes it’s so hard to find one that I love without it being $$$. So why not customize your own to exactly what you like by making your own Duvet Cover out of Flat Sheets.

I don’t know why everyone in the world (who has access to a sewing machine) doesn’t do this, but I have always made my own Duvet Covers. It is probably the easiest large scale sewing project that is super functional.

When ever it’s time for new sheets, I buy 2 super cute sheet sets. Both sheet sets combined gives me at least 2 pillow cases (for 2 twin sets), 2 fitted sheets (to interchange so I don’t have to worry about getting the laundry done and dried before bed time), and 2 super cute patterned flat sheets, to sew together to make the Duvet Cover with. This means that your fitted sheet will match your Duvet Cover! That’s an awesome win win!!

I do have to confess that I have never been someone to use a flat sheet, so giving them another purpose is a no brainer to me. I don’t use them because I find they just get wrapped in all the wrong places and make me uncomfortable all night, and they are a pain to make nice every morning.

The only time I consider using a flat sheet is in the summer when it’s too hot for a duvet. But now that we have air conditioning that’s not even a thought anymore. That being said, if you are someone who needs a flat sheet to sleep comfortably, then by all means buy a separate flat sheet to match. It’s still cheaper to do this than buying a duvet cover!

DIY Duvet Cover from Flat Sheets


This is the Duvet Cover that I just made for Ivy’s big girl bed!! She is super excited to use it one day… I know this because she is always playing under it. And I’m glad she’s excited, but I am definitely not ready for this transition to big-girlness! Please stay a baby forever!!!

At the moment, she is still in a crib, but she has a single bed in her room ready for her to transition to once she figures out how to climb out of her crib. Cross your fingers that this doesn’t happen for a long time. I cover her eyes every time Corbin climbs in or out of her crib. I can’t let her get any ideas! NOT YET!!

DIY Duvet Cover from Flat Sheets

This is Ivy’s super cute bed. It is actually her dad Shawinkin’s bed frame from when he was a kid! It was grey and in need of an update, so Shawnikins painted it white, and added some super cute girly hardware (that I found in the clearance section at Pier One Imports).

I love how it turned out! I’ll be doing a furniture transformation post in the future because we transformed a lot of older furniture for the kids rooms, and I think they all turned out super cute!!

DIY Duvet Cover from Flat Sheets

So… since I just made this Duvet Cover and didn’t document making it (sometimes I do forget that I love blogging about things as much as I love making them), I’ll be showing how to make a Duvet Cover while making one for my friend’s son. I’m secretly very jealous of the fabrics she found to make this Duvet Cover. She found both twin sized flat sheets at Value Village at super great prices! Keep an eye out for awesome flat sheets because no one needs just one Duvet Cover!!

How to Sew a Duvet Cover Tutorial!!!!!

Materials Needed for Duvet Cover:

  • 2 flat sheets in your desired size. In this tutorial I’ll be using 2 twin flat sheets. Note: All sheets come in slightly different sizes even though they say they are the same size. We will be measuring our sheets with the duvet itself so that is an exact fit. This is another reason to make your own Duvet Cover, so that you don’t have extra fabric not being used up by your duvet. Super annoying!
  • Coordinating Thread
  • Sewing Machine
  • The Duvet Itself

Materials Needed for the Closure: OPTIONAL

  • ~12 snaps (You can also use buttons, a zipper, or even ribbons to close the end of your duvet) or if you don’t care to close it… you will need nothing!
  • Snap pliers (links so purchase Kam Snaps and the application pliers are found at the bottom of this post)

Materials Needed to Prevent a Shifty Duvet: OPTIONAL

  • 4 – 12 inch thin ribbons or thick string
  • Thread


Step 1: Go to the store a pick out 2 super cute sheet sets. If you are not in need of the whole set then pick out 2 super cute flat sheets in your desired size (Ex. Twin, double, queen, or king).

I found Ivy’s flat sheet sets at Home Sense and Winners. Both of my favorite places to shop for home decor and they were both super reasonably priced. Each twin sheet set was $16.99.  So that means I spent about $34 for a duvet cover, 2 pillow cases and 2 fitted sheets. Not to shabby!

Note: I don’t always purchased new sheets. I have found awesome sheets at Value Village that are in awesome condition that I have scooped up and sewn into super cute Duvet Covers as well! Upcycling is AWESOME!!

Step 2: Lay out your flat sheets: Find enough space on your floor to be able to lay out the flat sheets completely flat. I moved our dining room table to the side of the room to get enough space for this project.

Lay one of your sheets face side up, and then lay the second flat sheet face side down. Both sheets should have their face sides facing together.

The flat sheet that I am working with in this tutorial happen to be the same size exactly (seriously this never happens) so you can not see the bottom sheet in this photo. More often than not, just because it says its a certain size the sheet sizes vary a little.

DIY Duvet Cover from Flat Sheets

Step 3: Lay your Duvet Cover on top of your flat sheets.

When you lay it down on top of the sheets, make sure to line up 2 sides of the duvet (one side and the bottom) with the flat sheets so that we only need to trim away 2 sides of the flat sheets (one side and the top).

Note: The bottom of the Duvet Cover will be the end that you will not be trimming away. This provides an already finished edge. Like this:

DIY Duvet Cover from Flat Sheets

Step 4: Trim away excess flat sheet fabric. Trim about 2-3 inches away from the duvet cover with scissors.

The amount that you trim off will depend on the thickness of your duvet. The thicker the duvet the more fabric you will leave for the Duvet Cover and the thinner your duvet the less fabric you will leave for the Duvet Cover. Like this:

DIY Duvet Cover from Flat Sheets

Step 5: Sew 3 sides of your Duvet Cover closed with about 1/2 inch -1 inch seam allowance.

Note #1: This seam allowance allows for the thickness of your duvet. Use a bigger seam allowance for thicker duvets!

Note #2: Do not sew the bottom of the Duvet Cover closed!!!!! This is where the duvet will enter and exit the Duvet Cover.

DIY Duvet Cover from Flat Sheets

Step 6: If you opted to make the pocket at the bottom of your Duvet Cover return to optional step in step 3 to complete the pocket. If not, move onto step 7.

Step 6: Add the closures. For this Duvet Cover I used Kam Snaps at the bottom on the duvet to easily open and close the Duvet Cover.

Note: Other ways to close your DIY Duvet Cover include: sew on snaps or buttons, velcro, zipper, or small ties that can be made into bows. You can google these methods at this current time as I don’t have tutorials for these methods yet.

So… Kam Snaps are super easy to use but you will need to purchase their super cute Snaps and Hand Pliers, found at the bottom of this post.

Method to attach Kam snaps:

  1. Pick out coordinating snaps.
  2. Follow easy Kam Snap Application Tutorial video found here: Size 20 Plastic Snap Tutorial

Step 7: Add Optional ties to the inside corners to prevent duvet from shifting around inside. I have a great tutorial on how to add the corner ties called “How to Prevent a Shifty Duvet”. The tutorial can be found here!

Step 8: Put duvet inside your new awesomely cute Duvet Cover! And Enjoy!!

DIY Duvet Cover from Flat Sheets
DIY Duvet Cover from Flat Sheets

This is another Duvet Cover that was made out of flat sheets found at Value Village. I did not sew this one together, however, I did add the inside corner ties to prevent a shifty duvet. Both the teal and peach duvet covers are for the same family, a shared brother and sister room! I think they are so super cute together!

DIY Duvet Cover from Flat Sheets
DIY Duvet Cover from Flat Sheets
DIY Duvet Cover from Flat Sheets

And there you have it! Sewing a Duvet Cover from flats sheets is an excellent way to save money on bedding, and also a super easy and fast beginner sewing project!

Sewing my own Duvet Cover was one of my first sewing projects, and it only encouraged me to keep sewing! I hope you have the same experience! Until next time enjoy creating things for your home, and enjoy creating beautiful things!


P.S. If you are interested in purchasing a duvet for your child I asked some questions at the Quilt store and I thought were helpful in making my purchase, and I thought I’d let you know what she said:

Q: Should kids sleep with a feather/down duvet or a regular polyester or alternative filled duvet? Especially when the risk of peeing on it is high???

A: Feather and down duvets are very washable! So really its your choice!

Q: What weight of duvet should a child sleep with?

A: The lightest weight is good for children because children are very warm sleepers!

Hope this helps when purchasing the perfect duvet for your child!

Canadian Friends can find products like the ones used in this tutorial here:

American Friends can find products like the ones used in this tutorial here:

DIY Duvet Cover From 2 Flat Sheets - pin

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