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My mom went through a floor loom rug weaving stage! In this post I would love to share some of her creations with you!

It’s been 9 years last week since we lost my mom to Cancer… and it still seems like yesterday. It’s crazy how some memories are so strong and stay with you for a life time. I have so many fun memories with my mom, as she had quite the spunky personality! She had a way of making every moment exciting! I wish I had that back in my life… So, in memory of my mom this week, I thought I’d share a little of her creativity with you!

Floor Loom Rug Weaving Inspiration!

Floor Loom Rug Weaving Inspiration!

Floor Loom Rug Weaving Inspiration! -checkard

It may be shocking to you, but my creativity isn’t that out of the norm in my family. I do come from quite a creative family, in all different forms. I think we may be general creatives that can’t just pick one specific art and stick with it. We like to dabble. One of the creative family members was my mom! So far you know that my mom was a fantastic cook, but she also made floor loom rug weavings! Yes RUGS! I grew up with a mom and her floor loom. I so wish we still had her floor loom.

This is my beautiful mom weaving a floor loom rug… the only photo I have of her creating her floor loom rug weavings (to bad she isn’t smiling). Looks kind of like me when I haven’t left the house in a few days, wrapped up in a project, and kind of like my craft room with fabric spilling out everywhere, minus the floor loom, oh and I look different than her. lol.

Floor Loom Rug Weaving Inspiration! - floor loom

I love her rugs, and I’m grateful that a still have a few of them in our home.

I would love one day to get a floor loom and create some beautiful rugs too. Oh no… not another project idea!!!! (Just writing this post has made me a little obsessed with wanting a floor loom to create some beautiful rugs too).

Here is a photo of my beautiful Mommy and one of the rugs that she made! I still have this particular rug and I love it! I love the colours and it is a dream to stand on.

Floor Loom Rug Weaving Inspiration! - half circle

If anyone knows what kind of material she used to create these rugs I’d love to know? I do know she used to bring home bags of this stuff, and then she would dye it by hand to the perfect colours that she needed for her projects. Then as she weaved, she would use a brush to direct the fibers up to create the shag rug effect.

Big question here, does anyone have a floor loom that they are looking to get rid of?!?! lol… you never know if you don’t ask!! (wink) they can be pretty expensive, especially for someone like me who doesn’t really want to invest in something I haven’t even tried. But I would LOVE too!!!!!!!

Over the years her rugs made appearances all over our houses, on her bed, beside the bed, draped over the couch, entryway rugs, and now on my kiddos play room floor. Here is a photo of my mommy and I cuddling on the couch against one of her rugs!

Floor Loom Rug Weaving Inspiration! - couch

Floor Loom Rug Weaving Inspiration! - shag rug

Floor Loom Rug Weaving Inspiration! - back of rug

Floor Loom Rug Weaving Inspiration! - fringe

Floor Loom Rug Weaving Inspiration! - red and white

Floor Loom Rug Weaving Inspiration! - white and green

Floor Loom Rug Weaving Inspiration! - cozy

If you are interested in learning more about floor loom rug weaving (like I am), I found a woman on YouTube that gives awesome information about what you would be getting yourself into, called Floor Loom Weaving Tutorial for Beginners. I found her to be very helpful.

Thanks so much for reading this post about my mom and her floor loom rug weaving projects! I miss my mom everyday, but her creativity lives on in my brother and I. I’m so excited to share with you more of my moms creations in upcoming posts! So stay tuned for that! Until next time, love your family, and enjoy creating something beautiful everyday!


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