How to Make a Snowflake – Crafts For Kids!

I was trying to think of a simple kids craft to gussy up our front window, and I thought why not make it super simple with some super cute snowflakes.. right?!?! So… this is how you make a snowflake. Kids addition!

“Hey kids…” I say, “Let’s make snowflakes!” kids come running with excitement! Crafts are laid out nicely, all separated in their own bowls, and organized so each kid has their own supplies to try to avoid fighting… I even got 2 glue bottles one for each child, because the world would end if the other kid has the glue when the other kid needs it, that very second. You want to know what crafts with kids is really like?!?!? Well here you go…

How to Make a Snowflake - craft set up


How to Make a Snowflake - pipe cleaner set up


How to Make a Snowflake- kids craft

It goes perfectly every time!!! NOT!!!! Ivy lasted longer than Corbin, but still not all that long. She did really enjoy putting the coloured beads on the pipe-cleaners (for like 2 minutes), and she was so cute concentrating while do it. Lol, but what they would really enjoy doing more is… emptying the bead bowls and throwing them all over the floor…

How to Make a Snowflake - beautiful creation

Well that lasted a few minutes!! So, I made some of my own to use up some of the supplies.


The next day I thought maybe they would like to use glue to make snowflakes!!! This is how that went…

How to Make a Snowflake - glue application

Note the lake of glue that ivy is adding to her popsicle sequin snowflake! So cute Ivy!

How to Make a Snowflake - add sequins

I think this all happened within 2 minutes of starting each craft! I don’t have photos of the sequins or the beads all over the floor, but believe me… we have sequins everywhere and now they are all over the inside of my washing machine and dryer!


But this is the super cute result of the kiddos crafts…

How to Make a Snowflake - hang in window


How to Make a Snowflake - ombre beaded snowflakes


How to Make a Snowflake - pipe claeners and beads

Ivy’s beaded snowflake! So cute… just like her!

How to Make a Snowflake - kids snowflake


How to Make a Snowflake - beautiful window decor


How to Make a Snowflake - popcicle sticks and sequins

So I hung them up with string in our front window, and that’s our winter window this year. Last year we cut out paper snowflakes and taped them to the front window… I mean I did all the cutting and taping and the kids tried to reach their little fingers up and rip them to shreds. Oh… Kids!!

What other super fun kids winter window ideas do you have? I’d love to see your creations! Until next time, enjoy creating with your kiddos, and creating beautiful things!


P.S. Check out some of our other kids crafts here and if you are interested in making your own kiddo snowflakes I linked some of the products that we used below!

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