How to Sew an Easy Envelope Pillowcase Out of Old Sheets!

Hello beautiful envelope pillowcase wanna be creators! Today your world will be changed by the easiest pillowcase tutorial that will fulfill all of your protection pillowcase needs, and on a budget too!

Now that I have mastered this pillowcase technique, we may have experienced a surge in pillowcases to fit every pillow in the house and… in the “new to us” RV! And you will get to experience this pillowcase joy too, once you check out this super easy envelope pillowcase tutorial.

I love a great envelope pillowcase, because it prevents the pillowcase from shifting off the pillow (check out my tutorials on how to sew a duvet cover out of flat sheets and how to prevent a shifty duvet cover), and it keeps the pillow protected from getting dirty. So much bedtime sheet loving LOVE right here!



  • Fabric (I used an old twin flat sheet)
  • Ruler
  • Chalk
  • Scissors or Rotary Cutter
  • Sewing Machine
  • Coordinating Thread
  • Pillows!


Step 1: Measure your pillow.

In this example I am making some super cute king sized envelope pillowcases for our RV, and this cloud one in particular is for Corbin’s double sized bottom bunk.

Common bed sized pillows are the following sizes:

KING = 36 inches X 20 inches

QUEEN = 30 inches X 20 inches

STANDARD = 26 inches X 20 inches

But you should always measure your own pillow to make sure you are making the right sized envelope pillowcase!!

Step 2: Measure and cut out your pillowcase pieces.

Now this depends on the direction of the print on the fabric that you want to use. My print went across the width of the fabric so I was forced to cut 2 separate pieces of fabric. One for the front and one for the back. But if your print runs the length of your fabric, you could get away with cutting one piece of fabric.

How to Sew an Easy Envelope Pillowcase - from flat sheets

Step 3: Finish both ends of your pillowcase.

Do this by folding the end over 1/2 inch and sewing down, then folding it over once more and sewing down. Like this…

How to Sew an Easy Envelope Pillowcase - finishing edges

Step 4: Sew 3 sides of your envelope pillowcase together.

Lay your pieces face sides together with the unfinished ends meeting at one end. Sewing the end together, then up the sides.

How to Sew an Easy Envelope Pillowcase - flap pillowcase

Step 5: Sew down the flap.

Fold the extra 6 niches of fabric up and over the top piece of fabric and sew the sides down.

How to Sew an Easy Envelope Pillowcase - creating an envelope

Like this…

How to Sew an Easy Envelope Pillowcase - sewing an envelope

Step 6: Finish the edges.

Do a zigzag stitch around the sewed edges to reduce fabric fraying. Skip this step if you don’t want your envelope pillow cases to survive the washing machine. You choose, live on the wild side, or protect it with your life!

Then trim the corners to allow the them to turn the right way out with beautiful points!

How to Sew an Easy Envelope Pillowcase - zigzag stitch edges to prevent fraying

Done! Just flip it the right way out… and stuff your pillow in!

How to Sew an Easy Envelope Pillowcase - stuff pillowcase

You will then have a beautifully protected pillow, and your pillowcase wont fall off during all your playful pillow fights… or bedtime snuggles! wink!

How to Sew an Easy Envelope Pillowcase - king sized pillowcase tutorial
How to Sew an Easy Envelope Pillowcase - kids pillowcase tutorial
How to Sew an Easy Envelope Pillowcase - pillowcase sewing tutorial

I hope this tutorial inspires you to create your own envelope pillowcases for all of the pillows in your life.

If you already have pillowcases for all your pillows, still consider making more. It’s a fun easy way to change up the decor of your room, and it also makes doing laundry less of a race to the finish. Getting the bed sheets washed, dried, and then actually put back on the bed all in one day… What kind of magical unicorn is able to do that?? Just kidding I doooo do that… but now I won’t have to! YAY!

Until next time, enjoy creating a home that you love, and creating beautiful things everyday!


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