Log Barn Adventure! – Armstrong B.C.

On the highway between Kelowna and Shuswap Lake, just past the city of Armstrong is a magical place called the Log Barn. If you have taken this road before you wouldn’t have missed it, as there are signs advertising this place from miles around. The Log Barn is a great place to stop with the kids for a pee break. I warn you just to look with your eyes and pee then leave as this place is outrageously expensive to purchase anything, although they do give awesome sausage samples, but don’t get sucked in!!!! The only thing we did buy were 2 ring pops that came to over $6!!!!!!! CRAZY when they are usually less than $1. Yes I know my ring pop pricing, as they have saved the day, especially during trips to the mall, more than once!! Anyways, this place is a super crazy cool place to bring the kids to look around. There is everything from dinosaurs and dragons to real horses and goats and then everything else in between…

The Log Barn Adventure - t-rex

The Log Barn Adventure - dragons

These Pterodactyls are HUGE in real life. Suspended way above your head on these log beams!

The Log Barn Adventure - dino birds

There are a few play structures for the kids to explore… oh and Shawnikins too!

The Log Barn Adventure - playing

We have this same photo from 2 years ago… so it had to be retaken for memories sake.

The Log Barn Adventure - family

The Log Barn Adventure - family

The Log Barn Adventure - slide

One of the biggest attractions at the Log Barn is the goats “kids crossing.” Its a narrow beam that the goats walk up and over the road. As you drive into this place you drive under the goats. You can pay to feed them by putting goat food in a feeder and then pull on a pulley to raise the food to the goats above. The goats have become so accustomed to this contraption that they can pull it up themselves!

The Log Barn Adventure - kids crossing

The Log Barn Adventure - kids crossing

The Log Barn Adventure - goats

Ivy wanted to be a goat too! The cutest goat ever!!

The Log Barn Adventure - ivy goat

And then there was this guy!

The Log Barn Adventure - this guy

and this guy!!!

The Log Barn Adventure - dinosaur

Corbin!!! no expensive treats!!!!

The Log Barn Adventure - treats

The Log Barn Adventure

The Log Barn Adventure

They did give Corbin a free taffy to try! It was suuuuper chewy!

The Log Barn Adventure - taffy

The Log Barn Adventure - taffy

Over priced ringpops! YUMMMMMY!!

The Log Barn Adventure

Yes… and they have this lovely resting spot…!

The Log Barn Adventure - throne

And why am I not surprised that my kids were more excited with playing with the rocks than they are looking at all the cool stuff!

The Log Barn Adventure - caramel apples

These beautiful horses live at the Log Barn! They look a little sad. Maybe they are just hot. It was so hot this day.

The Log Barn Adventure - horses

The Log Barn Adventure - horses

A few more animals to see…

The Log Barn Adventure - bird

Ivy has found her new family with the lions… where did their pupils go?

The Log Barn Adventure - lion family

and we are OUT!

The Log Barn Adventure - sleeping Beauty

There was so much to see at the Log Barn. These photos don’t even cover half of the crazy things they have there. My impression of the place is somewhat mixed. Its super cool for the kiddos to look around and to empty your bladder but… don’t get sucked into buying anything. They do not post prices until you ask how much something is. You will be blown away at the cost. So just have fun and enjoy your kiddos exploring with the dinos and dragons at the log barn!

For more kid activities in the Okanagan, check out more of our Adventures here.  Until next time, take time to go on new adventures, even if it’s just on a pee break, and create beautiful memories!


P.S. Ivy’s Romper can be found here! Just click on the photo below! Oh and why not throw in some RingPops! For RingPops have saved my day more than once! lol




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