Mason Jar Pin Cushions! – Button Organizers!

I love, love, love making cute things to house all my sewing supplies. Housing my button addiction is no exception. So… I was looking online for a cute way to store them and I came across this tutorial called the Mason Jar Pin Cushion – Tutorial. I used this tutorial as inspiration and made my mason jar pin cushions a bit different. Check out my mason jar makeover! I love how they turned out!

Mason Jar Pin Cushions - painted rimsI got 3 different sizes of mason Jars from Walmart. I looked for used ones at Value Village but had no luck finding them there.

Mason Jar Pin Cushions - cute patterned fabricsI made some changes to the tutorial. I didn’t have any cardboard to I just used the lid to glue the fabric too. Then I covered the fabric edges with cute colored card stock paper.

Mason Jar Pin Cushions - different sized jarsI also painted the rims of some of the mason jar pin cushions to make them even cuter! Some are PINK and others are AQUA, and others I just left SILVER.

Mason Jar Pin Cushions - button organizers

Then I organized my buttons according to color and put them in the mason jar pin cushions.

Mason Jar Pin Cushions - large mason jar

The whitish ones took up a large mason jar.

Mason Jar Pin Cushions - pin cushion

Then I put some pins in! I have lots of cute colors of pins too!

Mason Jar Pin Cushions - super cuteThese mason jar pin cushions are super easy to make! I made about 15 of them and they now sit on the shelf in my laundry room. I love how they look with all my buttons organized by colour. I look forward to the day that I have my own sewing room so that I can see these cute mason jar pin cushions more often.

Let me know if you have any super cute ideas to use buttons!

I was thinking of creating some button art like this Heirloom Button Art one day for my future sewing room.

Until then, have fun creating!




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Mason Jar Pin Cushion - pin

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