Shawn Made a Strip Quilt!

I love that Shawn shows interest in my hobbies and supports all of the craftiness that I exude. Last Christmas I made quilts for my close family members (see pervious posts) and Shawn wanted to make one for his mom too.

Shawn Made a Quilt for His Mom!

Here he is proudly showing off the quilt he made his mom and although it is not perfectly squared off it is still super cute. The only thing I helped him with was choosing the fabrics from my stash which incorporated beautiful blues, greens and yellows.

Strip Quilt for Helen
Cute Bird Fabric on Helen’s Quilt.
Beautiful Blue/Green/Yellow Fabric on Helen’s Quilt.

This is Shawn’s very first (and last – he says) attempt at quilting. I am so proud of him.

Helen’s Quilt on Old Farm Equipment.

Shawn’s parents have a beautiful huge yard which was a fun back drop for taking pictures of this quilt. However I don’t feel that these pictures do it justice. It is a goal of mine to improve my photography and hopefully get a better camera soon (my birthday is coming soon- hint hint :)).

Cute Back of Helen’s Quilt Made by Shawn.

The back of the quilt was made from two solid colors and Shawn used a simple straight line quilting pattern. I think it looks amazing. The fabric is also super soft and cuddly.

Binding on Helen’s Quilt Made By Shawn

Shawn used a grey/blue binding to finish it off. SO CUTE!

Shawn Made This Beautiful Quilt for His Mom!
Proof of Shawn’s Sexy Quilting Abilities!

I had to add a picture of him quilting because he is so darn cute. Plus I had to take lots of pictures and videos so that I can reflect on this beautiful memory in the future. Also, his mom didn’t believe that he made it, so it was good that I took the pictures to prove it to her. Shawn is the most mazing boyfriend ever! LOVE YOU TO DEATH!

I hope that this post shows you how easy it is for a non quilter to make a quilt. This quilt took him about 8 hours over 2 days. You can do it too! The blog called Film in the Fridge (one of my most favorite quilting blogs) has an easy to follow strip quilt tutorial found here. Have fun creating!


Canadian Friends: you can find links to products like the ones I used in this post here!

Amarican Friends: you can find links to products like the ones I used in this post here!

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