Shawn’s Manly Chevron Quilt!

The second Christmas 2011 quilt that I made was for Shawn. This proved to be a little tricky because we live together and I tend to take over the whole house with fabric while mid quilt and I wanted it to be a secret! Oh, how I long for a sewing room where everything has its own place. One day it will be mine! Anyways, I had to plan to sew when he was at work and have everything hidden away before he got home. I was like a quilting ninja! And this is the final product.

Shawn’s Chevron Quilt Made with LOVE!

I made Shawn a super cute grey and white chevron quilt that was inspired by the Ziggy Zaggy Quilted Doona quilt and I used the Zig Zag Quilt Kit Tutorial found at a quilt is nice.

I thought that this pattern and color scheme matched Shawn’s very clean cut and minimalist style. Nothing to crazy, but fun at the same time! The grey fabric actually has a bit of texture to it which gives the quilt some depth. I wish I had a better picture of it, but you can trust me that the texture helps pull the whole quilt together.

Shawn’s Super Cute Quilt!

This quilt is pretty big. I made it to cover our queen sized bed, however, we only use it in the winter because it is so bloody hot in our place in the summer.

Shawn’s Quilt Folded Up On The Side of The River!

The back of the quilt is solid dark grey so that Shawn can flip it over and make our bedroom look a little manlier. Then I bound it with a light grey binding. LOVE YOU BABY!!

I hope that you are seeing that quilting can be very easy when the internet is full of free tutorials that you can adjust to your own preference. I am just making it up as I go and I hope you are inspired to do the same. Have fun creating!!


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