Tassel Garland Inspiration! – Made with Tissue Paper!

Tassel garland is fun, and soooo easy to create. All you need is tissue paper, string, scissors, and glue.  These tassel garland can be customized to fit any party theme, or match the decor for your kiddos room or play room! I also used this tissue garland for the back drop of Ivy’s 1 year old cake smash photos!! So they can be used for many occasions over and over again! At least I do…

I love the colour combo of this tassel garland that I originally made for Ivy’s first birthday party. So… I know that there are plenty of tissue paper tassel garland tutorials on the internet so I think I’ll just link you to the awesome tutorial that I used to learn how to make this one, and leave this post as a colour inspiration post… Check it out!! (Link found at end of this post).

Tassel Garland Inspiration! - party decor

Tassel Garland Inspiration! - girly colours

I lucked out with having an awesome friend that has her act together and set up a super cute cake smash photo shoot for our girls. (thank goodness because I absolutely love how these photos turned out). All I did was bring the tassel garland and attempted to keep the girls content and maybe a little cakey! Her baby girl is the same age as Ivy, so it was super cute having the girls cake smash together!! Or in Ivy’s case do a cake smash as daintily as possible… lol.

Then the photo shoot fun ended abruptly when Miss Ivy Lynnkins peed all over the white paper back drop… My girl!! Look how cute they are!!! And I love how the tassel garland just gave the photos a simple pop of colour in the background!Tassel Garland Inspiration! - baby cake smash backdrop

Tassel Garland Inspiration! - cake smash background idea

Tassel Garland Inspiration! - cake smash inspiration

So the tassel garland?!?!… I made it from a few of the colours found in the large multi coloured tissue paper pack and metallic pack found at Micheals. The multi coloured pack comes with a ton of different colours (even gold and silver), so you will have lots of tissue paper left over for other projects, or make a tassel garland for every party that you throw! Lol.

Tassel Garland Inspiration! - just twist

Tassel Garland Inspiration! - room decor

Tassel Garland Inspiration! - metallic tassels

Most recently the tassel garland made its appearance at Ivy’s second baby doll themed birthday party!

Side Note: The Ivy name bunting is also super easy to make.

  • Just use a ruler to trace a triangle onto some card stock, and cut it out.
  • Then cut out another triangle slightly smaller than the first.
  • Glue smaller triangle on bigger triangle.
  • Then hole punch a hole at each top corner of your triangle.
  • You can glue on letters that you cut out yourself or you can glue on store bought letters.
  • Thread onto string and Hang Up!

I like how the layered bunting and the tassel garland looks. When this decoration is not being used for parties it can serve as double duty in Ivy’s room as super cute decor!

Tassel Garland Inspiration! - party backdrop idea

So here is the link to the awesome tutorial that I used to create my tassel garland. It’s by Courtney at Pizzazzerie, called “How to make your own Tassel Garland.” The only thing that I would add to the tutorial is that when you are twisting the top to create a loop, to make it a small loop, so that you can position the tassel on the string where you want it to stay. If the loop is too big it will start to migrate down the string. (wink)

I hope you are inspired to create your own tassel garland to gussy up your parties or to use as super cute room decor. This one still gets lots of compliments when new people see it hanging in Ivy’s bedroom. Hanging it up as decor is a great way to store it for your next party so it doesn’t get ruined. Reusing is cool right?!?! Until next time, enjoy creating pretty party decor, and creating beautiful things!


P.S. Check out all of Ivy’s 2nd Birthday party decorations here!

Links to materials like the ones used in this post are found here:


Tassel Garland Inspiration! - pin

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