Trevor’s Funky Quilt Made with LOVE

Trevor is my Brother, and the very lucky recipient of this colorful quilt. This is probably my favorite quilt that I have ever made! It is also very big, probably the biggest quilt I have made to date.

Trevor’s Super Cute Quilt

Before I make a quilt for someone I spend a lot of time thinking about the recipients personality, favorite colors, how they would use a quilt, and then I search the internet for Amazing Inspiration. There is so much quilting inspiration out there sometimes I can’t decide what amazing quilt I want to make next. For this quilt I saw a picture of a beautiful quilt made my Cassandra Ellis found here. I just thought it fit Trevor’s traveling adventurous spirit.

Trevor’s Quilt Fabrics.

At first it was hard for me to envision a boy quilt because I am so drawn to everything that is PINK, glittery and girly. To make this boy quilt I went with a brown, orange, yellow, blue, and green color scheme. Or at least I just tried not to use pink. 🙂 I absolutely love how it turned out.

Special Note for Trevor

I bound it with brown binding and added a little special note in the bottom corner. This special quilt now lives on Trevor’s super cool Lime Green couch and is used by everyone who rests there. LOVE YOU TREVOR! Best Brother Ever!

You can try and make modern boy quilts too! Have fun creating!


Canadian Friends: you can find links to products like the ones I used in this post here!

Amarican Friends: you can find links to products like the ones I used in this post here!

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