Unicorn Themed Kids Snack Idea!

My baby girl Ivy Lynnkins wants to be a unicorn for Halloween. She’s not yet 2, but she attacked the unicorn costumes at Costco over a month ago and wouldn’t let them go. She still reacts the same way to the unicorn costumes on every trip to Costco since, even though we bought it for her the first time! On the first day that she brought her unicorn costume home first thing she did was bath her unicorned self in a yogurt drink… awesome! Good thing I’m a laundry god… or at least the kids in this family think that getting everything and anything on their clothes is fair game because it’s always cleaned within a couple of days… Magically… (eyeroll). Anyways, Unicorns… Ivy loooooooves them!

Unicorn Themed Kids Snack Idea! - Cinnamon Sugar Chips

And when I think of unicorns this song comes to mind…

Unicorns i love them,
Unicorns i love them,
Uni-Uni-Unicorns, i loove them!

Uni-Unicorns i could pet one
if they were really real..
And they are!
So i bought one so i could pet it.


And it will play in my head allllllllll day!!!!

We love Ivy a lot in this house, so to make Ivy’s unicorn dreams come true, Corbin and I decided to surprise her with a unicorn themed super yummy kids snack for when she woke up from her nap. He’s such a good brother! Sometimes!!! Love his guts!!

Unicorn Themed Kids Snack Idea! - Ingredients


  • 2 Tortilla Wraps
  • 3 Tablespoons melted butter
  • 3 Table spoons sugar
  • 1 Table spoon Cinnamon
  • Unicorn cookie cutter
  • Corbin! (just kidding!?!?! He is awesome help in the kitchen though)



Step 1: Use your cookie cutter to cut the unicorn shapes out of your tortilla wraps. I was able to cut 5 unicorns out of one wrap. you could really use any shape of cookie cutter to create any theme you choose for your own kiddos.

Unicorn Themed Kids Snack Idea! - Unicorn Cookie Cutter

Unicorn Themed Kids Snack Idea! - my helper

Don’t worry we didn’t have any waste because Corbin ate all the parts we cut off. You could also cook the random discarded pieces and snack on them yourself! Sneaky Mommy trick!

Unicorn Themed Kids Snack Idea! - waste bin

Step 2: Brush your melted butter onto both sides of your unicorns.

Unicorn Themed Kids Snack Idea! - butter unicorns

Step 3: Mix cinnamon and sugar together in a bowl.  Sprinkle cinnamon and sugar mixture over both sides of your unicorns.

Unicorn Themed Kids Snack Idea! - cinnaman sugar unicorns

Step 4: Pre heat oven to 350 and cook unicorns on parchment paper for no longer than 10 minutes. I set a timer for 8 minutes and they were not crisp yet so I added 2 minutes to the timer and they were a little burnt. I’m guessing 9 minutes would be perfect!

Take them out to cool for the kiddos!!

Unicorn Themed Kids Snack Idea! - cooked Unicorns

Next I thought that the unicorns would be so yummy dipped in something delicious so I came up with one of the kiddos favorite snacks… yogurt with jam! I snuck some star shaped sprinkles in too. I thought the sprinkles added to the unicorn theme.


Unicorn Themed Kids Snack Idea! - unicorn poop Ingredients

  • 1 cup Plain Greek Yogurt
  • 2 Tablespoons No Sugar added Raspberry Jam (because we care about our sugar intake – eyeroll)
  • As many Star Shaped Sprinkles as you want!


Step 1: Mix all ingredients together in a bowl! DONE!!

Unicorn Themed Kids Snack Idea! - unicorn poop

Unicorn Themed Kids Snack Idea! - presentation

Unicorn Themed Kids Snack Idea! - yum

Then it was time to get ivy up from her nap! P.S. Ivy is usually a long napper… like 3-4 hours straight through the day (YAY!!) but today because we were super excited for her to get up she decided to take a 4 1/2 hour nap! Corbin ate all the unicorn poop yogurt while waiting for her, so I had to make more.

We took her unicorn costume to her when we got her up and for some reason Corbin thought it was her birthday so he sang her happy birthday as I dressed her. She was suuuuuper excited!

Unicorn Themed Kids Snack Idea! - eatting unicorns

Unicorn Themed Kids Snack Idea! - dipping unicorns

Unicorn Themed Kids Snack Idea! - eatting unicorns

Unicorn Themed Kids Snack Idea! - eatting unicorn poop



I know these photos don’t show how excited she was. It’s hard to get photos of her smiling. I think she was just super into her unicorn snack. Unicorn Snack Success!!

Then we played outside! And smelt the sunflowers… Yes we have sunflowers magically in our backyard now. They grew from the bird seed that fell from the bird feeder. We also now have magical wheat… At least I think its wheat!?!? Oh and please excuse Ivy’s dirty looking arm. Her kitty in a tutu tattoo hasn’t fully rubbed off yet. Lol, or her My Little Pony bracelet.

I hope you enjoyed our little unicorn themed kids snack. I love cooking with Corbin in the kitchen, and he’s super into it too. It’s a great little mommy and me activity to do as we are stuck at home while Ivy naps. What are some activities that you and your non napping children do while the babies nap? I’m always interested in hearing about other mommies days. Until next time, enjoy creating special snacks for the kiddos and creating beautiful things!


P.S. If you like themed kids foods check out my other creations here!

P.P.S. Items like the ones used in this tutorial can be found here: (just click on the image)

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