Valentine’s Day Wreath – Heart and Pompom Wreath for Your Front Door – Tutorial!

Valentine's Day wreath - front door wreath

One of the goals in my life is to have a front door wreath for every season or holiday of the year… I know it’s a silly life goal (don’t worry I have tones of life goals), but non the less a BIG GOAL on a DIYers mind. LOL! And a Valentine’s Day wreath is no exception. Since Valentine’s Day is all about super bright pinks and reds I thought I’d try to mute it down a bit… for Shawnikins sake… I think he would probably hang his jacket over it to cover it up if it was too pink, girly, and cheery! LOL. So in attempts to live out my Valentine’s Day wreath dreams, I came up with a drop cloth heart and pompom wreath… OK I couldn’t help myself, I blinged it out with a few pink sequins (don’t hate it Shawn), and hung it on our front door! I love how it turned out. It’s simple… not too big… and gives me room to make more Valentine’s Day decorations!! BIG SMILEY FACE!


Valentine's Day wreath - materials needed


  • Canvas Drop Cloth material (really any kind of fabric that your heart desires)
  • Selection of Pink Sequins
  • Beads to secure sequins on the fabric (you can choose to omit the beads and just sew the sequins on by themselves)
  • Needle and Coordinating Thread
  • Heart Shaped Pattern
  • Fiber Fill
  • Wire Wreath Frame 12″
  • Thread in a Bottle (you could omit this and just hand stitch your hearts closed, takes longer, but still an option)
  • Clothes Pins (or some kind of small clamps, if you choose to use the Thread in a Bottle)
  • Wire to attach hearts to the wreath frame (you could use something else to attach them such as thicker string, or tooth floss… hehe)
  • Small Pom Pom Maker (I used the second smallest one)
  • Yarn in different colours (to make the pompoms)
  • Sewing Machine (you know you really could use your liquid thread for your whole project and omit needing to sew the hearts at all… I’m GENIUS… that makes this a no-sew project!!! So proud of myself for that idea, because creating a no sew project doesn’t happen often. LOL)


Step 1: Gather your supplies to make your drop cloth hearts. You will need Canvas Drop Cloth (or any fabric that you fancy), a heart template (I’m sure you can find one on the internet and print it out. I made mine by tracing one of the Valentine heart sticky things that we have decorating our windows), Sequins (if you feel the need to bling them out), a thin needle, beads that you can thread your needle through (to secure your sequin for, you can choose to omit the bead and just stitch the sequin on), and coordinating coloured thread.

Step 2: Cut out about 24 hearts (12 will be the fronts and 12 will be the backs of the hearts). Only 11 hearts fit around my wreath. So if you are using the same sized wreath frame make 11! (wink)

Step 3: Secure the sequins to the front sides of the hearts that you just cut out! To do this I tied a knot in the end of my thread, went up from the back of the fabric through the sequin and bead, then back through the sequin and back through the fabric. Done… move onto the next one and so on till you are finished sequinning that heart, and then knot it off on the back. WALA! You blinged out your heart! Now do that 11 more times (wink).

Valentine's Day wreath - sequins

Valentine's Day wreath - heart wreath

Step 4: Sew your front and back of your hearts together, face side to face side. Don’t sew all the way around… leave about a 2 inch gap to be able to flip your heart the right way out. Flip your heart the right way out! Do this 11 more times!

Valentine's Day wreath - sewing project

They should now look like this next photo!

Valentine's Day wreath - drop cloth hearts

Step 5: Fill your hearts with fiber fill. Like this…

Valentine's Day wreath - stuff with fiber fill

Step 6: Now at this step there is a fork in the project road… Do you want to choose the long route and hand sew each of the 12 little stuffed hearts closed… or do you want to choose the quick route, and use thread in a bottle to glue them shut? I choose the glue! Thread in a bottle is AMAZING!!!! If only it came in a huge container… or cocking gun type applicator.

Thread in a bottle can be used for sooooo many non-sewing projects that would normally need to be sewn with a machine. Anyways the bottle says it takes 48 hours to completely dry, but believe me it only takes a very short amount of time to dry enough that you can still work with it… like 30 mins. To bad Amazon doesn’t sell it, so I can’t leave you a link, but there are tones of other awesome fabric glues to check out!

So I put a strip of glue in the seam of the hearts and held them shut with a couple of cloths pins. And WALA!! The hearts are complete!

Valentine's Day wreath - thread in a bottle

Valentine's Day wreath - easy

Valentine's Day wreath - clothes pins

Valentine's Day wreath - diy

Step 7: Secure your hearts to your Wire Wreath Frame 12″. I just cut some thin wire into 4 inch strips and threaded them through the back of the heart from top to bottom and twisted them onto the frame. You really don’t need to use wire though. you could thread a string through the heart in the same way I did the wire and tie them to the frame. you could also hot glue the hearts to your frame.

Valentine's Day wreath - how to attach

So in this photo you can see my super awesome wire attaching job, but you can also see that my frame is a little too wide for my little hearts. So… I used wire cutters and cut off the outer 2 rings of wreath wire. By doing this you can make 2 wreath frames out of one! I’m Genius once again! i know, I know… I saved myself like 62.5 cents because I got the frame from the Dollar Tree for $1.25. What kind of wreath should a make with the outer rings? hhhmmmmmmm…

Valentine's Day wreath - wire wreath frame

OK onto the pompoms!! You know to be truthful, I wasn’t planning on putting anything else on the wreath, because I was trying to make it Shawnikins friendly, but when the hearts were on the frame I could see parts of the frame still ,so I had to fill those holes with something… Pompoms to the rescue!

Step 8: Make 11 or 12 pompoms (depending on how many hearts you made). I like to use lots of different colours in my pompoms but you can do your thing and make your own style. I used this Small Pom Pom Maker to make my pompoms, but there are lots of tutorials on Pinterest on how to make your own pompom maker out of cardboard. Looks like they work just fine but I haven’t tried it. Check them out if you are not up to buying one!

Yarn Tip: Yarn is expensive… especially when you want lots of different colours to make very colourful pompoms! Go to thrift stores to get your yarn! You can get tones for cheap! Now that I tell you this…Don’t be going a buying up all my thrift store yarn if you live in Kelowna… It’s mine!!!!! (wink)

Valentine's Day wreath - pompom materials

Side Note: It is very hard to get photos with out this cute little photo bomber here in them! At least he’s cute!!

Step 9: When you make your pompoms leave to long strands so that you can easily tie the pompoms to your wreath frame!

So… the last step is tying all of your pompoms to the wire wreath frame, between each of your super cute blinged out drop cloth hearts!


Valentine's Day wreath - made with pompoms

Valentine's Day Wreath - holiday wreath

Valentine's Day wreath - tutorial

Valentine's Day wreath - front door decoration

Last thing to do is to hang your new DIY Valentine’s Day wreath up! I highly recommend using command hooks to hang all of your seasonal projects up, so that you can change-up your decor without having to put holes in your walls, or doors in this case. I hung this Valentine’s Day wreath on the inside of our front door. I love that it is not overly pink or red, so it’s not a Valentine’s Day decor eyesore… instead it’s just cute as a button! One wreath down… so many more seasons of creating to go! Makes me so excited!!

I hope this Valentine’s Day wreath tutorial inspires you to make a cute wreath for your own front door. It just brightens up our entryway! Until next time, have a very happy Valentine’s Day with all of your lovers, and enjoy creating beautiful things! (wink)


P.S. Here is a link to some other Valentine’s Day decorations that we have made! Check them out!

P.P.S. Here is a recap of the products used in this Valentine’s Day wreath tutorial that can be found on Amazon…


Valentine's Day Wreath - pin

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