Write a Letter to Santa – Christmas Kids Crafts!

This is the first year that my kiddos understood the concept of writing a letter to Santa! And they had so much Fun!! Anything Santa related is super fun… Well, actually… not actually sitting on his knee. That is horrifying to Miss Ivy Lynn. But talking about him, and seeing fake Santa’s is the BEST! Here is how our visit to Santa this year turned out…

Write a Letter to Santa - Visit to SantaLook at Corbin reach his little hand over to comfort Miss Ivy Lynn. He’s the best big brother… sometimes!

Write a Letter to Santa - sitting on Santa's knee

Write a Letter to Santa - Photo with SantaYes little Miss Ivy was a crazy woman the day we met Santa… She ripped her tights while falling in the parking lot, had felt pen all over her dress from the gym daycare that morning, scabs on her face from Corbin’s sweet little finger nails, and tears… oh there was so many tears! But did you see how well Corbin did… It’s all candy cane fueled. He knows that Santa gives a little candy cane after you sit on his knee, so he would put a smile on his face all day long and sit on his knee just for a taste of candy cane.

Anyways back to writing letters to Santa!

I remember writing a letter to Santa and waiting super impatiently for his letter in return. So I’m excited to pass this little tradition down to my own kiddos too! And I love that Santa writes back. Please Santa write back!!! Imagine that the return address fell off, because we just glued it on, and then he wouldn’t know where to mail us back… Positive thoughts people!

This is how our letter to Santa writing went down. I just put out a few Christmas crafts:

  • Paper
  • Crayons
  • Sparkles
  • Stickers
  • Glue
  • Baby Barbie & Jingle Bells (optional)

Write a Letter to Santa - supplies

Write a Letter to Santa - glue

Write a Letter to Santa - all smiles

Write a Letter to Santa - hard at work

Write a Letter to Santa - add sprinkles

Write a Letter to Santa - art work done

Aren’t they special! LOL. Corbin’s Letter is the below left magical piece of art… He says that the green and red sparkle blob is Santa and that the silver sparkle blog is a Christmas tree, and that they are in outer space!! Good imagination Toots!! And Ivy’s is obviously pigs and friends snowboarding and sledding on a ski hill! So cute!

I helped them out in writing exactly what they wanted to tell Santa they wanted for Christmas. And I think they did very well! Corbin wants a nice pillow and blanket?!?! I didn’t realize that he didn’t like what he had…LOL!

Write a Letter to Santa - get mom to write your letter for you

Then I went to fold the letters to put into a normal sized envelope and Corbin almost lost his mind that I would fold his master piece so I came up with an idea to keep them flat. Since their letters to Santa were already full paper sized I had to fin bigger paper! So, we made an envelope out of scrape book sized paper (I think its 12 inch by 12 inch paper). Just big enough. Just trimmed the sides off and glued it together. Like this…

Write a Letter to Santa - make an envelope

Write a Letter to Santa - glue stick

Slipped those letters to Santa inside…

Write a Letter to Santa - letters in envelope

Corbin really wanted to add some hand prints… so he did… And I added Santa’s address, our return address, and stamps! If you are mailing a letter to Santa from Canada, as we are, Canada Post has all the information that you need. Don’t forget to mail your letter before December 11!! Or you might not get one back before Christmas, as it is really far to Santa’s workshop and back. (wink)

Write a Letter to Santa - Santa's address

Write a Letter to Santa - get excited

Write a Letter to Santa - be cute

Our journey to the mail box involved bringing a baby of course. She doesn’t go anywhere without at least one baby. She has a least 10 babies and yet that all she wants from Santa! I love my little baby mommy!!

Write a Letter to Santa - take letter to mailbox

Write a Letter to Santa - put letter in the mail box

Write a Letter to Santa - celebrate

Rocked that mail!! Corbin’s face of accomplishment!! Oh my word!! Shawnikins says he gets it from his mom… I don’t know about that… LOL

Write a Letter to Santa - rocked it

Write a Letter to Santa - heading home

So I hope this post inspires you to write an awesome letter to Santa this year! It’s a fun little tradition to add to your families list of Christmas cheer! Don’t forget to get your letter in the mail box before December 11th to get a returned letter FROM SANTA before Christmas. Until next time, Enjoy this magical season, and enjoy creating beautiful things!


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  • Adorable! In Belgium we celebrate St. Nicholas on the 6th december… and that’s when we write a letter to the saint and he normally replies thanks to Belgian post :). So for Christmas we skip that bit and just send messages to Santa through Fifi our elf . The things we do for our children LOL. Lovely family you have xx

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