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Hi my name is Jenna and I live to create! There is something about creating new things with my own hands that puts a spark in my life! I love to sew, cook, craft, take photos, and DIY my heart out, all while having tones of fun. Here on the blog you will find plenty of step by step tutorials and easy to follow (mostly healthy weight loss) recipes. All with lots of photos because I love to document everything, especially the lives of my young kiddos. They are my world and I love exploring creativity with them, so I can not imagine them not being a huge part of this blog as well.

I started this blog in 2012 when I was in nursing school as a creative outlet, however as my life changed with my RN career, moving to a new city (Beautiful Kelowna, B.C.), buying our first home, having 2 babies, I somehow lost touch with blogging and lost my spark for being creative. This caused me to feel less alive… And it took me a while to figure out why.  One day I was doing my “super intense” daily walk on the treadmill while watching YouTube (my normal gym routine) and I don’t know how I started watching videos about Elizabeth Gilbert (the author of Eat, Pray, Love). You know how watching YouTube videos can go… Anyways I have always been super inspired by other creative people and I was moved by something that she said. “What do you love doing so much that the words failure and success essentially become irrelevant?” And I thought about it for awhile (like 10 seconds) and I knew right then that I needed to make creativity a priority in my life and bring back the blog!

I am so excited that you have found my little corner of the inter webs and hope that you enjoy following along in our creative adventures! I strive to create content that is attainable and realistic, so that you are inspired to create beautiful things, food, memories and life too!




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  • Dear Jenna,
    how beautiful to read of your life’s unfolding with husband and family and creative drive.
    So happy you are able to take time out from nursing to be a Mum.
    Such an important career choice and one that keeps on giving far into the years ahead.
    I just became a Grandmother. I am so delighted.
    Little baby boy. Mowat.
    Thanks for your invite to your page on FB it was lovely and nourishing and refreshing to land there this morning.
    from the floathome

    • Thanks so much Vivienne! Whenever I think of my mom’s life on the water I think of you too! So excited for you and your grandmother adventures ahead. Such love and fun that a new baby brings to the whole family! Great hearing from you! xo

  • I have just discovered your blog, and I couldn’t be more impressed! You are very talented 🙂 I have recently been thinking about taking up quilting. My sewing skills are limited but I really love the creativity of quilting…it looks like fun! You quilts are beautiful — how long have you been quilting for? I am obsessed with your queen size faux chenille and was wondering how long it might take me to get to that level. Thanks -Shel

    • Thanks Shel, I actually just started quilting 2 years ago. I do come from a very creative family so picking up a book about quilting and a sewing machine was pretty easy for me. I just followed tutorials from other experienced quilters and come up with my own style. That is how I was inspired to blog about my own creations. Im sure you have the ability to do it too. Just follow great tutoirals step by step and you will create your own unique quilts. Have fun creating!


  • Jenna Claire, you are mad talented! No surprise though, you always were! I love reading about and seeing your creations. Keep it up. xo.
    steph (stevie)

    • Thank you so much Stevie! I have so much fun creating super cute things. 🙂 I too love reading your blog of all your adventures in motherhood. You are a very talented writer. The way you put words together makes me want to read more and more. I hope everything is well with you and your super cute family. XO

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