Crayon Heart Sun Catchers! – Valentine’s Day Kids Craft

Sign me up for all the kids crafts that include sun catchers! I love a cute kid creation that brightens up our windows! #1 on the list of sun catchers we have made, includes last Valentine’s day’s wax paper and crayon heart sun catchers! I was inspired by Martha’s crayon heart creations. Super cute and so easy to make. I’ve been brain storming ideas of what shapes we could make again this year, because I love them so much! I made a little tutorial here for you to make these crayon heart sun catchers with the kiddos in your own life!

Crayon Heart Sun Catchers - hung in window


  • Wax Paper
  • Red, Orange, and Pink Crayons (really any colour crayons work, but these are the colours we used to make these crayon heart sun catchers).
  • A Grater, or Pencil Sharpener
  • Iron
  • Sheet of fabric (I used a pillow case)

Look at Corbin in the window… I just want to pinch that little baby bum cheek!

Crayon Heart Sun Catchers - Tutorial


Step 1: Roll out about a meter of wax paper.

Step 2: Grate or make crayon shavings with a pencil sharpener, and put them in little piles or in bowls for your kiddos to use.

Step 3: Get your child to put the crayon shavings all over the wax paper. Just make sure there are not any thick piles of shavings.

Step 4: Cover the wax paper with shavings on it, with another piece of wax paper.

Step 5: Place a sheet of fabric over the wax paper to protect your iron and your project.

Step 6: Iron project on medium heat, checking to make sure the crayons are melting. It should melt pretty fast!

Step 7: Let cool.

Step 8: Cut out wax paper crayon hearts!

Step 9: Cut a small hole at the top of your heart to hang up with string.

Step 10: Hang in a window that gets a lot of sunlight!

TAA DAA!! DONE! Aren’t they beautiful!?!?!

Crayon Heart Sun Catchers - beautirul window kids art

Can you guess what Corbin is looking at out the window?

Crayon Heart Sun Catchers - Valentines craft idea

It’s a DEER! Actually Corbin thought it was Santa’s reindeer!! He was sooo excited to see him on our lawn. Then he said “get off my lawn!” Have you seen the kids movie Monster House?!?! (a little creepy for a kids movie, and I wouldn’t suggest your young kids watch it, but Corbin LOVES it) LOL. He says he’s big and brave and it won’t give him nightmares… right…

Crayon Heart Sun Catchers - easy to make

Guess what!?!?! Deer are very common around our house! They actually regularly sleep on our front lawn. When Shawnikins comes home from a night shift, he is always startled by all the eyes that look up at him as he walks up to our front door. Or maybe Shawnikins startles them??… They also poop all over our lawn… YUK!

Crayon Heart Sun Catchers - deer

We have been spotted!

I hope you were inspired by this tutorial to create your own super cute crayon heart sun catchers. You can change the colours and shapes to suit any occasion. The kiddos loved sprinkling the crayon shavings all over the wax paper (a bit messy I’d have to say, but nothing a vacuum couldn’t handle). The kiddos pretended the crayon shavings were sprinkles… yummm! (DON’T PUT THEM IN YOUR MOUTHS!!!) Kids!!! Until next time, enjoy creating with your kiddos, and creating beautiful things!


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Crayon Heart Sun Catchers - pin

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