DIY Beaded Spiders – Halloween Decor Idea!

I was digging around in my craft room… you know how craft rooms go. You acquire craft supplies with great intention of getting to a project, but then forget… the craft supplies build up… I have a lot of supplies! Yet I always feel like I need more (creative brain curse)… Anyways, I have a beautiful aunt who is an amazing seamstress and creator. She recently gifted me 2 boxes of random fun crafting supplies that just ended up in my pile of my craft supplies that I would love to get to one day… Well, that day has come! I was going through said boxes and came across a bunch of beautiful beads! I have never been a beader or even been interested in beading, but it was only the night before that I had come across the most beautiful beaded spiders on Pinterest. These spiders can be found on the blog Dans Le Lakehouse, and her tutorial is awesome, so I’ll leave this creation to her. But I had to try to make some for our own home, especially since I just discovered a treasure chest of beads that I didn’t even know I had.

DIY Beaded Spiders

I had a lot of fun making them. They can be kind of addictive… until you run out of awesome beads and feel the need to go buy more… That’s when I stopped. Corbin also really liked helping me! It was funny how much he loved “making spiders,” then tried to convince Shawnikins to make them too. lol.

DIY Beaded Spiders

Spiders are a great fascination in this house. Corbin especially has a love-hate relationship with them. They are okay if they are pretend or not moving. If they move it’s the scariest thing in the world!!

DIY Beaded Spiders - blue spider


DIY Beaded Spiders - home


DIY Beaded Spiders - walking

We have a small fake Burch tree that I use as a center piece to our dining room table. Our dining room is right at our front door so dressing up the dining room table is also like dressing up our entryway. Anyways, each season I try to decorate the tree for that holiday. For Halloween this year I covered the tree in spider webs and placed some of our super cute (i mean spooooky) glass beaded spiders on the branches and even hung some from white string attached to the spiders back side to resemble the spider spinning its own web. I think it turned out well!

DIY Beaded Spiders - Halloween center piece

DIY Beaded Spiders - hanging from their web

DIY Beaded Spiders - halloween decor idea

I hope these beaded spiders inspire you to take a look in your craft supplies and find a way to use up some or your hidden treasures! I’m so glad I did. I was thinking that these spiders could be turned into Halloween jewelry, like attaching them to an earing stud and make awesome spiders hanging from your ears or adding them to a hair clip and put them in your hair. CREEEEEPY!!

If you are not feeling the creative bug, there are some talented crafty people on Etsy that sell beaded spiders. You can check them out here:

Until next time, have fun creating things from supplies you find around your home, and enjoy creating beautiful and SPOOOOOKY things!


P.S. You can find more of my Halloween/Fall Ideas here.


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