Fake Snow Snowman Fun! – Snow Spray for Flocking and Windows

Super easy winter kids activity coming at you today. Well I mean it’s an activity that the kiddos love, but I wouldn’t trust my little kiddos to actually do this one. They can just use the Crayola window writers to colour around your project.  LOL.  So, a fake snow snowman for your window, or make a whole snowman family! It’s a super easy way to make your home a little bit wintery, especially for those that don’t get much snow in the winter. We actually get A LOT of snow here in Kelowna, Canada. The snow just keeps falling and it likes to stick around for at least 5 months of the year. YAY! (eye roll). We have so much snow right now that our fake snow snowman kind of blends into its background. He’s in his natural habitat!

Fake Snow Snowman - winter window fun

So, here is my super simple fake snow snowman tutorial… that doesn’t need a tutorial, but you know me and tutorials… wink

Fake Snow Snowman - fake snow spray



Step 1: Get some snow spray from the store!

Step 2: Take the snow spray home.

Step 3: Shake the snow spray.

Step 4: Spray on window from about 15 inches away. Spray 3 circles on top of each other. the biggest on the bottom, next middle sized circle on top of that, and the smallest on top of that one. Like this…

Fake Snow Snowman - spray on snowman

Step 5: Use Crayola window writers to draw a face on the fake snow snowman. It’s not the pretest because it makes the fake snow bunch but the kids love it and that’s what matters. Right?!?!

A little confession here: I have a really hard time being a perfectionist or caring about the looks of things that are not permanent… Does anyone else feel this way? I just have fun with it and move on. I can’t decide if this is a good or bad trait. hmmmm…

Fake Snow Snowman - use crayola window writers to decorate the snowman

Step 6: Use Crayola window writers to create the fake snow snowman’s buttons on his chest and stick arms. You could also draw a super cute hat, scarf, and pipe. Corbin said he thought the fake snow snowman looked like it was dancing… Yes! That what I was going for. LOL! I love his imagination!

Fake Snow Snowman - draw on arms

Step 7: Let your kiddos decorate around Mr. fake snow snowman with the Crayola window writers! Or on a different window all together. LOL.

Fake Snow Snowman - kids activity

Fake Snow Snowman - happy snow man

See I can make a tutorial out of anything! LOL… Hope this tutorial inspires you to create a fake snow snowman on your own windows. You don’t even have to go outside a freeze your arse off to make a snowman! And guess what?!?! This fake snow snowman has lasted a month already on our kid height windows! Still a happy little fake snow snowman without any little finger prints on him! Thanks kiddos! Here the snowman is enjoying bath time in the sink with the kiddos!

Fake Snow Snowman - kids

If you are wondering the fake snow spray bottle says that it is easily removed with window cleaner or water… I have yet to try it but that sounds great to me! ALSO this snow is great for flocking your Christmas tree. I think I’ll wait a few years for that project, as most of our tree is redecorated about 1000 times before Santa even makes his appearance. Those little kiddos just love taking the decorations off and on all day long. I’m thinking their little fingers will be less busy as they age. Right?!?! Here’s to hoping!! Until next time, enjoy creating your winter wonderland, and enjoy creating beautiful things!


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P.P.S. Here is the links to the products used in this tutorial. Just click on the image to check them out! LOVE!

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