Lion Themed Kids Meal Idea- Raaawwwrrrr!

So, my last name resembles that of a large animal… Some may say that this animal is the king of the jungle. So naturally I have a thing for all things lions! And of course my kiddos own their own little lion costumes. My little lion cubs! (Ok I know Ivy is a leopard… SAME SAME or at least its closely related). This week to make their dinner just a little more special I decided to make it a LION Themed Kids Meal!

Lion Themed Kids Meal Idea - the kids

Lion Themed Kids Meal Idea - the kids

Yes, I know the window has a lot of water marks on it from a recent water fight that took place in the back yard… Please excuse the messiness, this photo was to cute not to post! RAAAWWWRRRR!

Lion Themed Kids Meal Idea - the kid

These wild animals are hungry!

Lion Themed Kids Meal Idea - the kiddos

And BAM! What do you think?!?! The most awesome lion faces right!?!?! HAHA, I know my creations are “creative,” but my kids think they are cool! Right?!?! Is that a saying? “My kids say I’m cool!” (wink)

Lion Themed Kids Meal Idea - lion faces

Lion Themed Kids Meal Idea - inspection

Anyways… These super awesome lion themed kids meal was made with love… I mean the mane of the lion is made out of the most tasty BBQ Shredded Chicken. The recipe for the Shredded BBQ Chicken can be found here, Super yummy and made in a crock pot, so essentially it’s one of the easiest meals ever.  I’m sad that I can not take the credit for this awesomeness.

The “skin” of the these beasts are made out of awesomely tasty Breakfast Rounds found at Costco (they are super yummy fruity pita breads).

And the facial expression was made out of the veggies found in my dinner salad. I made myself a salad topped with shredded BBQ chicken for my dinner, hence the reason the Lion faces are made out of salad ingredients. And we found out that Corbin loves (I mean will eat) uncooked red peppers through this fun meal! WIN WIN!! It’s so hard to get these kids to eat their veggies especially Corbin (he used to eat all the veggies)… picture below is him eating a red pepper!!

Lion Themed Kids Meal Idea - thumbs up

Other food items that you could use for a lion themed kids meal would be:

Mane surrounding lions head:

  • Orange slices
  • Shredded cheese
  • Red and orange veggie sticks (carrots, bell peppers, tomatoes)

Skin of the face:

  • Pita bread
  • English muffin
  • Hummus

Facial expression 

  • Different fruits
  • Or drawn on with some kind of sauce?

Go wild! Any kid friendly food would work really.

Lion Themed Kids Meal Idea - awesome

Lion Themed Kids Meal Idea - party time

We had fun with this lion themed kids meal, and we look forward to more themed meals. I have found that the kids sit at the table longer, eat more of their meals, and are more interested in their meal when it has a fun theme. Maybe when you have a meal that you know your child won’t be that overjoyed about, think of a way to make it a bit more fun, and they may be a bit more interested. Or at least they may try foods that they wouldn’t normally eat just because it looks fun!

Lion Themed Kids Meal Idea - yummy

I hope this post gives you more ideas of how to make every day food a bit more interesting. Your kids will love anything that looks like something fun. Have fun with it. It really doesn’t need to be perfect. Until next time, have fun with your meals, and enjoy creating beautiful things!


P.S. Fun fact about lion Manes… The darker the lion mane the more attractive to the lionesses!! And because the lion’s mane is so large it can not hunt for its prey very easily, because it can not hide very well. For this reason Lionesses do most of the hunting!!

P.P.S Check out our Fire Fighter Themed Kids Meal Idea here!

Friends!.. You can find costumes like the ones in this post here:

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