Personalized Christmas Stockings – Pompom Themed Tutorial!

I love handmade personalized Christmas stockings! I grew up with Santa stuffing my stocking that was made by my grandma. It was super cute, very girly, with my name sewn on in felt lettering. So, I want my kids to grow up with some handmade stockings too. I came across these super cute pompom stockings on Anthropology a couple of years ago (they no longer sell them, sad I know), so I thought I’d use them as inspiration to create some personalized Christmas stockings for my own family.

When Corbin was born I made 3 of these matching pompom stockings, and when Ivy was born, I made one more! The Christmas stockings didn’t have names on them however, so, recently I used my childhood stockings as inspiration and added felt lettered names on the cuff! Check them out!! I Love how they turned out!!

Personalized Christmas Stockings - pompom stockings attack



To Make the Lettering:

  • Stockings (you can use any stocking that doesn’t have a name already on it!)
  • Felt in different colours
  • Sequin string (I used flat 4 mm sliver sequin string, I bought it at fabric land for 40 something cents a meter)
  • Liquid thread in a bottle (fabric glue)
  • Scissors

To Make the Pompoms:

  • Pompom maker
  • Yarn in lots of different colours

Personalized Christmas Stockings - pompom stockings

Personalized Christmas Stockings - supplies


Step 1: Write the person’s name in fabric glue on your coloured felt. I decided to do script writing because I wanted the sequin string to be continuous. You can do each letter separate if you choose!

Personalized Christmas Stockings - write name in fabric glue

Step 2: Lay your sequin string on top of the fabric glue. Like this…

Personalized Christmas Stockings - lay sequins on fabric glue

Step 3: Repeat for every stocking and let dry for a few hours. The bottle of “thread in a bottle” says that it takes a full 48 hours to set, but after just a couple of hours, it adheres enough to move onto the next step.

Personalized Christmas Stockings - let dry

Step 4: Cut felt around the name, and fabric glue the felt right to the cuff of your stocking. Like this…

Personalized Christmas Stockings - cut out and paste on stocking cuff

Step 5: Add a loop at the back top of the cuff, to hang your stocking up with. This loop also provides a place to tie on the pompoms that you can make in the next step.

To make these loops I just…

  1. took a 1 1/2 inch by 5 inch piece of fabric,
  2. sewed the long sides together face side to face side,
  3. turned it right way out,
  4. tucked the ends in,
  5. hand sewed it (with a needle and thread) to the top back side of the cuff.

Personalized Christmas Stockings - hand sew loop hanger on stocking

Step 6: Make some super fun pompoms!! I have 4 different sized pompom makers, but I just used the smallest 3 to make the pompoms for these personalized Christmas stockings.

I don’t currently have a tutorial for making pompoms at the moment, but they are super fun and easy to make, and the instructions come on the package when you buy a pompom maker.

Personalized Christmas Stockings - make pompoms out of yarn

Step 7: Attach pompoms to personalized Christmas stockings! To attach mine I just left one sting extra, extra long, and made a grouping of 4 pompoms for each stocking. Then I just tied the long strings around the stocking loop that you just made in step 5.

Personalized Christmas Stockings - dad name

And…. That’s it!! DONE!! Time to enjoy your stockings!!

Personalized Christmas Stockings - boy personalized name

Personalized Christmas Stockings - boy pompom stocking

Personalized Christmas Stockings - mom stocking

Personalized Christmas Stockings - mom pompom stocking

Personalized Christmas Stockings - pompoms

Personalized Christmas Stockings - family pompom stockings

I hope this tutorial inspires you to create your own super cute personalized Christmas stockings for our own family. If I get around to it I’ll make a tutorial on how to make the actual stocking it self. But that might have to wait till I have another baby… which isn’t anytime soon. One day!!!!

Until then, here is a super helpful tutorial on how to make stockings so that you can get started! It’s called the “Easy Stocking Tutorial” by Amy Smart, found on her blog called “Diary of a Quilter”. It’s a great tutorial to help you to create a beautiful cuffed Christmas stocking!

Until next time, enjoy creating you own personalized Christmas stockings, and creating beautiful things!


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Personalized Christmas Stockings - pin

Personalized Christmas Stockings - pin #2


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