How To Prevent A Shifty Duvet – DIY Duvet Cover Corner Ties Tutorial!

Have a shifty Duvet? Want to fix your Shifty duvet? Then you have come to the right place. I too was a sufferer of shifty duvet syndrome. And I did something about it!  I didn’t want to deal with duvet covers that just didn’t want to stay put! I didn’t want to feel like I’m sleeping with the most annoying duvet in the world and be mad that I either have a clump of blanket on me or nothing but sheets on me. And I certainly didn’t want to wake up in the middle of the night once again to fix my duvet cover!! Just thinking about the shifty duvet makes me start to feel mad.

So… There is a simple solution to this madness, and I’m sharing how to create the super top secret solution with you!! They are called Inside Duvet Cover Corner Ties or IDCCT’s for short. They are super simple and fast to create and by using these little super puppies they will save you tones of time, because you will no longer be rearranging your duvet cover and you can hopefully get a better sleep! Or at least it won’t be the sheets waking you up… (CORBIN…)

DIY Duvet Cover Corner Ties

Ever since Ivy got her big girl bed in her very own room I have been super excited to create a tutorial on how to make a super cute customizable duvet cover from 2 flat sheets. The tutorial is in the works, but until then I have created this little tutorial for you on how to secure the duvet cover to the duvet. For some reason Ivy’s duvet cover is the worst at shifting around and she isn’t even sleeping in the bed yet?!?! She probably gets out and parties all over her room while we are sleeping or is it bed spirits?!?!

Anyways… here’s the super secret tutorial on how to add the IDCCT’s to your current duvet cover.

Materials Needed:

  • Duvet cover
  • Duvet
  • Ribbon or Thick string (4 – 12 inch long strands & if your duvet itself does not have loops on the corners already then you will need an extra 4 – 2 inch strands
  • Sewing Machine or Needle and Thread would work just fine


Step 1: Decide that you have a “Duvet Cover Problem” and gather your supplies. This is probably the longest and most time-consuming part of this tutorial. Most people don’t know that there is a very simple fix to this problem. Figure it out and get your supplies!

Step 2: Cut 4 pieces of 12 inch long ribbon.

DIY Duvet Cover Corner Ties - ribbons

Step 3: Turn your duvet cover inside out and find the very corner.

Step 4: Fold your ribbon in half to find its center and sew the center of the ribbon to the very corner of the duvet cover. You can sew the ribbon to the seam allowance so that it is not seen once the duvet cover is flipped the right way out.

DIY Duvet Cover Corner Ties

Step 5: Repeat for all 4 corners.

Step 6: Tie your new IDCCT’s to the corner loops on your duvet cover. If your duvet cover doesn’t have these super special loops look to step 7, otherwise you are DONE!!!

DIY Duvet Cover Corner Ties

DIY Duvet Cover Corner Ties

Step 7: Find the corner of your duvet.

Step 8: Take a 2 inch piece of ribbon and place it on the corner of the duvet on a diagonal. Then sew it down on each end of the ribbon. Repeat on each corner of the duvet. So that it looks like this:

DIY Duvet Cover Corner Ties

Step 9: Tie your IDCCT’s from your duvet cover to the loops on your duvet. AND DONE!!!! ENJOY SLEEPING IN COMFORT!!!! Maybe put the duvet inside the duvet cover first Toots!! LOVE HIS GUTS!!

DIY Duvet Cover Corner Ties

There are other ways to secure your duvet to the corner if you don’t want to create the duvet loops. But I think if you are taking the time to add the IDCCT’s then you can easily add the loops too. But if not, the other ways to secure your IDCCT’s to the duvet include:

  • Adding a button to the corner of the duvet and tying the duvet IDCCT’s around that
  • Just tying the IDCCT’s around the tips of the corners of your duvet. Like this:

DIY Duvet Cover Corner Ties

Any way that the duvet is attached to the duvet cover will work awesome. I hope you found this little tutorial useful and I hope these super cute IDCCT’s reduce the time spent fiddling around with a shifty duvet, and get a better nights sleep. One less annoying issue in your life eliminated! What will I come up with next? Until next time, enjoy creating helpful hacks around your home and create beautiful things!