Scarecrow Inspiration on Our Scarecrow Festival Adventure! – Peachland B.C.

This week we adventured to Peachland to check out the Scarecrow Festival. The kiddos had a blast and I thought I’d share some of the amazing scarecrow creativity that each of the businesses in Peachland created. I think there was just under 100 scare crows but I’ll just show you some of our favourites!

Scarecrow Inspiration! - peachland scarecrow festival

These scarecrows represent the founder and of Peachland and his Clairvoyant. Super cool idea he had to one up others on finding the perfect mining site!! If you have spidy vision you can read the small blurb about how Peachland came to be.

Scarecrow Inspiration! - peachland founder

This scarecrow was not one of our favorites, but I loved that he was along the lakeshore because the lake is so beautiful. We are so lucky to live so close to Okanogan Lake!

Scarecrow Inspiration! - lumber jack

Before we adventured through the town of Peachland to pick out our favorite scarecrows Corbin and Ivy had their faces painted for their first time! Corbin immediately knew he wanted to be Spider-Man and nothing could change his mind (he had seen another boy with a Spider-man face – coolest thing ever) and I picked out a little pumpkin for Ivy’s cheek because she’s my baby pumpkin (plus Corbin’s face paint took a while and the line up of kids was getting out of control so I asked for Ivy’s face paint to be small cute and sweet!). They did so well!!

Scarecrow Inspiration! - face painting

Scarecrow Inspiration! - spidy man

Scarecrow Inspiration! - spider man

Scarecrow Inspiration! - pumpkin cheek

Scarecrow Inspiration! - my baby pumpkin

Onto our walk through the town! Obviously Spider-Man scarecrow was Corbin’s favorite. Although it looks like Corbin stole the scarecrows face!

Scarecrow Inspiration! - spider man scarecrow

This is Ivy’s top pick for scarecrow, if you can call it that. I guess a puppy that eats crows would scare the crows away. Didn’t scare Ivy away though. She loved that puppy! She went back to it to visit him for a second time too! Don’t get any ideas Ivy Lynnkins!

Scarecrow Inspiration!  - puppy scarecrow

And I’m guessing that this babe of a scarecrow would be Shawnikins favorite scarecrow, so I thought she would make the cut for the blog. Apparently she won 3rd prize!

Scarecrow Inspiration! - bay watch scarecrowAnd Mr. Lovecrow was top on my list. I’m a sucker for anything love related! The world needs to JUST LOVE a lot more often! Even the birds need love!

Scarecrow Inspiration!  - crow lover scarecrow - lovecrow

However, this guy was a close second!

Scarecrow Inspiration! - backer scarecrow

They had a pumpkin decorating station that we missed out on, but look at all the super cute creativity! Ivy loved them all!!

Scarecrow Inspiration! - pumpkin decorating

Then we played at the park…

Scarecrow Inspiration! - my baby girl

so did Spider-Man!

Scarecrow Inspiration! - my spiderman

Then we fell in love with one more scarecrow! Miss Drunk Witchy-poo! So funny! We all decided she was the funniest!

Scarecrow Inspiration! - drunk witch

I hope these scarecrows inspire you to use what you have around home to create a super original scarecrow to add to your home Halloween decor. We might be doing something like this for our house! A scarecrow would make a great addition to the front patio. especially for Halloween night. I’d be scared that someone was in the scarecrow to jump up and scare us. That would be a good idea too for Halloween night. We will be taking the kiddos trick or treating this year. How do parents do it all? I want to decorate the home and hand out candy, but I also don’t want to miss out of my own kiddos trick-or-treating experience. How does your family do it?

The kiddos are getting excited! ME TOO!! Until next time, enjoy the season, and enjoy creating your own scarecrow! I’ll keep you up to date on our creation!


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