Spider Pita Pizzas! – Kid Friendly Halloween Meal Idea!

It’s Halloween!! Well tomorrow… HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! With the business of Halloween night I was thinking of making a super simple dinner that is quick to whip up, kid friendly and FUN! So… we came up with our super yummy and fun spider pita pizzas. When I was young we often had pita pizzas on a Friday night. Mom or Dad would cut up a bunch of different toppings and each person would get to put anything that they wanted on their individual pizzas. We even did it for birthday party’s so every kid could have exactly what they liked on their pita pizza! So fun!

Since today we had large pitas in the fridge we made bigger pizzas, which are also great for sharing. My kiddos like to help in the kitchen so I’m always looking for things they can do, and making pizzas is one of them. I hope you enjoy our spider pita pizza creation!

Spider Pita Pizzas!


  • Pita Bread (6 inch for individual pizzas and 12 inch for family pizzas)
  • Pizza Sauce (I often use Pesto Sauce instead but my kiddos don’t like it)
  • Meat (we used Ham but you ca use any meat that goes on a pizza)
  • Veggies (We used mushrooms and yellow peppers but you can us any that you enjoy on a pizza or that make awesome spiders)
  • Mozzarella Cheese
  • I also love Pineapple on pizzas, but it doesn’t float everyone’s boat
  • Sometimes I put parmesan and oregano on top too


Step 1: Spread the pizza sauce.

Spider Pita Pizzas! - pizza sauce

Step 2: Add a bit of mozzarella cheese.

Spider Pita Pizzas! - cheese

Step 3: Add toppings… The kiddos pretty much just like meat on their pizzas. and the only meat we had in the house was ham so we made ham balls for the spider bodies and cut strips of ham for the spider legs. Mom and Dads pizza also had mushroom spider bodies with yellow pepper spider legs.

Spider Pita Pizzas! - meaty spider legs

Like this…

Spider Pita Pizzas! - yellow pepper spider legs

Step 4: Add more mozzarella cheese.

Spider Pita Pizzas! - more cheese

Step 5: Bake it! Yummmmmmm…

Spider Pita Pizzas! - cooked

Just look at those spiders!

Spider Pita Pizzas! - THE SPIDERS

Then we had a pizza Halloween Party…

Spider Pita Pizzas! - pizza party

Just kidding the kids were more into putting tape all over their bodies!!!

Spider Pita Pizzas! - kid friendly

Ivy is not allowed to be on the table!! but she’s just so cute… I had to take a pick before removing her.

Spider Pita Pizzas! - fun

We ended up having a pizza party a couple of hours later. Sometimes the kids are not hungry at dinner time. Ivy often has a snack after her nap time, which she usually wakes up from at 4pm. I KNOW!! I shouldn’t say this but I’m blessed with a long napper and night time sleeper. Her nap is usually from 1-4. I know that now that I have said that, she will only nap for one hour from now on, but it has been a long run and it has been good!

Anyways, I got side tracked… Spider Pita Pizzas! They are fun and the kids enjoy making them, as well as eating them. They are a great idea for a quick fun meal on Halloween night before trick or treating, especially if you are hosting a bunch of friends who may have different pizza preferences. Just put out a bunch of toppings and let people make their own. The pita pizzas can be baked at the same time on cookie trays and only take about 15 minutes in the oven at 400 degrees!

I hope these spider pita pizzas inspire you to use what you have in the kitchen to make a special Halloween meal. Have a fun and safe Halloween night, and enjoy creating beautiful memories!


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Spider Pita Pizzas! pin

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