Strip Quilts for Daddy and Natasha!

One of my favorite quilting blogs is Film in the Fridge, which inspired me to try my hand at creating beautiful strip quilts. My inspiration for these 2 strip quilts came from here, here and here and the lucky recipients of these quilts are my daddy and his wonderful fiance Natasha.

Daddy and Natasha’s Cute Strip Quilts

Strip quilts are great when you are new to sewing because there is very little piecing and they do not take very long to make. In fact Shawn saw how much I liked sewing them and he wanted to make one for his mom for christmas too. It blew me away. Teaching him to sew a quilt was one of my favorite memories with him. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH! I will make a separate post about his special quilt another time. Stay tuned!

Daddy Blue and Grey Strip Quilt.

This is the blue and grey strip quilt that I made for my daddy. I love the colors and I feel that this quilt represents my daddy’s strong male presence and his soft loving nature.

Daddy’s Manly Strip quilt

This quilt was made to be a lap quilt so he can snuggle up under it while reading one of his books (everything from self help to romance novels) or watching his sports.

The back of he quilt is light blue backing fabric which is extra wide and I bound it with a blue/gray binding. I love these colors together and look forward to making another quilt with the same fabrics in a different pattern.

Natasha’s Cute Pink & Purple Strip Quilt

This cute Pink and purple quilt was made for my daddy’s fiance Natasha. Natasha is an amazing person who exudes love and support. She is girly and very pretty so I thought a pink quilt suited her personality perfectly.

Natasha’s Super Cute Strip Quilt.

Natasha’s quilt is backed in a white on white patterned fabric. Natasha’s and my daddy’s strip quilts are the same size (Lap quilts).

Strip quilts are super easy to make and there are endless color combinations to create. You can make one pretty quick as a thoughtful gift. I love their simple beauty!

Have fun creating!


P.S. Thank you Hannah for taking all of these pictures for me. LOVE YOU!

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