Super Cute Baby Bib – Tutorial!

I am in love with Baby Abbie. She is the cutest and most super awesome baby in the world! I got to play with her all day yesterday and I realized something. Babies need bibs on all the time because they spit up so often. There is a need for a lot of super cute bibs in a babies wardrobe to protect all the super cute clothes, So… I felt compelled to make a some bibs to match Abbies super cute style.  Baby Bib - Tutorial

Supplies to make a super cute baby bib:

  • Two 8 inch X 10 inch coordinating fabrics ( I used quilting weight fabrics)
  • One 8 inch X 10 inch flannel fabric
  • Coordinating thread
  • Small piece of velcro or a snap
  • Sewing Machine

Bib TemplateStep One: I made my own template.  I made an oval shape and then used the rim of a cup to make the neck opening a true circle. You can be inventive and make your own too!

Bib Fabrics I picked some bright colored flower fabric because her mommy loves bright colors.

Baby bib Tutorial Step Two: cut all three pieces of fabric by folding your template in half. That way your bib will be even on both sides.

Baby bib TutorialWhen you unfold the fabric it should look something like this. Don’t forget to cut the opening at the top.

Baby Bib TutorialStep Three: Layer your coordinating fabrics rights sides together with the fleece on the back side of the bottom piece.

Purple thread for Baby bib tutorialStep Four: Set up you sewing machine with the thread you want to use. This is the cute purple thread that I used.

Baby Bib Tutorial Step Five: Sew all along the edges of the bib with a 1/4 inch seam and don’t forget to keep a spot open so that you can flip the fabric right side out.

Baby Bib TutorialStep Six: Flip the fabric right side out and stitch around the edges to close the hole and to give the bib a more finished look. I rolled the neck part a bit to expose the back fabric. Just a little cute touch!

Baby Bib TutorialStep Seven: Sew on a small piece of velcro to each of the ends. I was going to use snaps but I thought using velcro would make the bib more adjustable for size. Plus it’s easier to apply and use.

Baby Bib Tutorial
Baby Bib Tutorial I added this little cute heart for some extra love!

Baby Big Tutorial And there you have it!  super easy and quick baby bib. I cant wait to have my own babies to sew for one day, but until then Baby bibs can make a great gift. Im sure I will be make many more of these in my future.

Have fun creating your own!


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