Super Cute Sleepy Eye Mask – Tutorial!

I am now at the end of my nursing program. Last term! YEEAAAHHHHH!! However, this means I have to come to nursing reality and participate in SHIFT WORK!!! This is not my favorite part of nursing because I am not a very good sleeper, especially during the day. To block out the light I have been wrapping one of Shawn’s tee-shirts around my head but it eventually falls off. Soooo, I thought I would make a super cute sleeping eye mask to help me sleep.

I used Prudent Baby’s DIY: “Honey, It’s My Turn to Sleep In” Reversible Eye Mask Tutorial to make these super cute Sleepy Eye masks. I ended up making one for myself and Shawn too!

These are the materials you will need.

  1. 2 super cute fabrics (9” by 4”)
  2. Quilt Batting (9” by 4”) – you could also use any thick material to block out the light. e.g. Felt
  3. Elastic band material (I used Babyville Boutique Fold Over Elastic)
  4. Thread
  5. Sewing Machine

The first step is to cut the 2 fabrics and the batting into rectangles.

Next layer these rectangles by placing the two fabrics facing eachother and place the batting on top.

Fold it in half and draw the shape of eye mask that you desire.

Cut along the line to create the shape of your sleepy eye mask.

Pick an elastic material that is super cute, and cut it so that it will be comfortable while sleeping (not too tight, and not too loose that it will fall off).

Separate the 2 fabrics and pin the elastic to the front of the fabric which has the batting on its back.

Like this…

Then place the other fabric face down to make a cute fabric sandwich.

Then pin it all together…

Sew along the edge but…

… remember to keep a space at the top open to be able to turn it the right way around.

Then flip it…

… and you will be left with a hole at the top which needs to be closed.

For this super cute Sleepy Eye Mask I just hand stitched it closed, however for Shawn’s I machine stitched the edges which I like a lot better. It just looks more finished.

The finished results!!

I added this little love heart because Shawn wanted his embroidered… Yes he asked for embroidery. hehe. He is sooo cute! My sewing machine has around 300 different stitches and hearts was one of them. So SUPER CUTE!

This is the cute frog fabric that I used for Shawn’s mask…

And this is the super cute sleepy moon fabric I used for my mask.

I hope you find this tutorial inspiring and make one that matches your own personality. They are really easy and quick to make, and would make a cute gift idea for those who sleep during the day.

Have fun creating!


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