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Toddler Art Gift Idea

This creation was made by Mr. Corpus Porpoise when he was about one years old! I believe it was a father’s day gift, but it says “Love You,” so I’m calling it a Valentine’s Day toddler art gift idea, from the kiddos to a loved one! This project is so fast to make and if you find a cute frame, it can be a super cute art piece in your home… like it is in ours! I love how it turned out, so stick around to check out this super simple tutorial to create your own super cute toddler art gift idea… “Love You” painting!

Toddler Art Gift Idea - love you


Toddler Art Gift Idea - tutorial


Step 1: Place green painters tape, one beside the other (overlapping just enough to hold them together) as wide as you want one letter to be. you should have a rectangle of tape. Cut your letter out of the tape. – This just makes it possible to have any style of letter you like instead of an exactly straight letter that just a piece of tape would create. This is important for rounded letters, like the “o”, “e”, and “u” of the LOVE YOU.

Step 2: Place your tape letters on you piece of paper where you would like them placed. Make sure all the edges of the letters are pushed down as well as you can. I had a bit of paint seepage under some areas of my letters, but I like how it looks (not perfect = beautiful).

Step 3: Put a plate of paint blobs (I used 4 paint blobs, purple, teal, light blue, and yellow) in front of your toddler, with a paint brush or they can just use their fingers. Let them go crazy, but not too crazy… if you let them mix the colours too much the whole painting can start to look one colour (poo brown). I stopped Corbin when I could still tell the difference between a bit of the yellow and blues.

Step 4: Slowly peel the green painters tape letters off before the painting dries.

Toddler Art Gift Idea - framable finger painting

Step 5: Let dry, and Frame! Ikea sells the perfect sized frame to frame scrap booking paper sized projects, and at really reasonable prices! That’s were I got this frame.

Toddler Art Gift Idea - framed

Step 6: Give it to a loved one! We gave ours to Shawinkins. I’m glad we did because now I get to keep enjoying this special piece of toddler art gift idea (“Love You” art) in our house.

Toddler Art Gift Idea - love

This toddler art gift idea now hangs on the wall between Corbin’s room and the kids bathroom! I see it every time I walk down the hall, and I LOVE IT! But… I’d love it even more if the walls in our house were white!! (wink)

Toddler Art Gift Idea - hung on the wall

For this next photo I said “Corbin show me your love face…”, So this is Corbin lovely love face. Lol… love his guts!

Toddler Art Gift Idea - love face

I hope this tutorial inspires you to create with your toddler this super cute toddler art gift idea. I was inspired to create this project when I was looking up “cute fathers day kids craft gift ideas” and came across Kristen’s tutorial called “Fathers Day Project FOR KIDS“. Check out her tutorial because she did hers a little different from mine. So fun! You could really create any cute saying, and paint over it yourself. I love how free kids art is though. I think kids art is more beautiful than well thought out art… most of the time. Until next time, enjoy creating with your little ones, and creating beautiful things!


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Toddler Art Gift Idea - pin


Toddler Aft Gift Idea - For Valentine's day - pin

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