Watermelon Monsters! – Healthy Halloween Snack Idea!

I’m all about easy snack ideas for the kiddos, and since it’s Halloween this week I thought why not make their snacks a bit more Halloweeny!! I had some fake fang teeth, some bloody eye balls and a huge ass watermelon… So, this is what the kiddos and I came up with. Watermelon Monsters!!!!

Watermelon Monsters!

These are the super awesome sprinkle bloody eyeballs that we have. I got them at Michaels. I have had them in the pantry for the last month trying to think of a way to use them, while fighting Corbin off from eating them. Finally less than a week before Halloween a brilliant idea comes to me! Mommy comes through with the bloody eyeballs!

Watermelon Monsters! - Bloody Eyeballs

So, I love getting the kiddos involved in creating their food. Ivy pretty much lives on our kitchen counter as I cook every meal or do anything in the kitchen. She’s very good at being my taste tester and she has learned all the names of the different foods as I cut them up.  While Corbin is more hands on and able to put on all the bloody eyeballs on the watermelon monsters! Although he ate 2 to every bloody eyeball that he added to the Watermelon monsters. This kid loves his bloody eyeball sprinkles. I also love his placement of the bloody eyes! If I had of put them on I would have had them probably all the same looking, but a kids imagination just makes it so much better! Love him!

Watermelon Monsters! - Eyeball Placement

Good Job!

Watermelon Monsters! - approved

Watermelon Monsters! - Crazy face

Ivy helped too by watching and licking her lips. So cute Ivy. Killen IT!

Watermelon Monsters! - lip licking good

So… All we did to create these super cute watermelon monsters was cut slices of water melon about an inch thick and removed a little piece of watermelon from the top front side where I wanted the fake teeth to be. and just pushed the fake teeth in. They stayed put very well. And as you saw Corbin added some candy bloody eyeball sprinkles! Easiest, healthy, kid friendly snack EVER!

Watermelon Monsters!

Watermelon Monsters! - yummy

Watermelon Monsters! - tasty

I hope these watermelon monsters inspire you to find ways to make your kiddos snacks a little more fun this Halloween! It doesn’t have to be super sugary treats that get to have all the fun! What other healthy kid friendly snack can you think of that can be monsterified! lol! Let me know in the comments what your kiddos love to snack on. I’m always looking for new ideas because my kiddos get sick of things so fast. Mixing an everyday snack with some monster teeth and bloody eyeballs, makes it fun to eat again. Until next time, enjoy making fun snacks and creating beautiful things!


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P.P.S. Here are some links to products like the ones used in this blog post. I got my fake fangs at Wal-Mart and the bloody eyeballs were from Michaels.



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