Davidson Orchard Adventure Inspired by Jillian Harris – Vernon B.C.

Some of you may know that I have a little girl crush on my homegirl Jillian Harris. I love her style and wit, and pretty much everything she stands for (mamas for mamas, being a fun realistic mommy, and sharing her life with us) I also love that she lives in Kelowna!!! (I actually ran into her in HomeSence once and couldn’t even get my words out… I felt like a crazy person. But she was super lovely about it). If you don’t live under a rock you would also know that she has a blog! I know… we are pretty much twins! Anyways, this fall she featured the cutest photo shoot of her and her kiddo at a the beautiful Davidson Orchard and so of course I wanted to check this awesome place out for ourselves. Here is a link to her blog post called “Apple Picking in Style.” I may have waited a little too late in the season to get the beautiful weather that she had in her blog post, but we loved every minute of our freezing Davidson Orchard Adventure!

Enjoy our Davidson Orchard Adventure in photos! P.S. Once again Corbin was wanting to explore the whole place at a higher speed than Ivy and I, so there are more photos of her than him. This is life! ENJOY! Oh, And I hope that my photos inspire you to go on an orchard adventure with your own family! Now, onto the adventure!

Davidson Orchard Adventure - pumpkin Royalty


Davidson Orchard Adventure - scarecrows

Davidson Orchard Adventure - scarecrow eating pancakes


Davidson Orchard Adventure - giant spiderweb


Davidson Orchard Adventure - the animals


Davidson Orchard Adventure - the truck

Davidson Orchard Adventure - ford truck

Davidson Orchard Adventure - driving the truck

Davidson Orchard Adventure - ford truck love


Jillian Harris’s photo shoot location!!It’s a super cute place to take fall photos of the kiddos. I love that the back of the orchard is up a bit of a hill, which provides for a beautiful backdrop! Corbin wasn’t too into the photo opportunity as I was, hence the reason most of my photos are of Ivy. Never grow up my little Ivy!

Davidson Orchard Adventure - the orchard

Davidson Orchard Adventure - apple orchard

Davidson Orchard Adventure - girl in orchard

She put an apple night night. That’s what she is telling me in this next photo.

Davidson Orchard Adventure - night night apple

I think this was my favorite photo of the day. To me it looks like she is in a fairytale!

Davidson Orchard Adventure - fairytail orchard


Davidson Orchard Adventure - the tractor


Davidson Orchard Adventure - the jail


Davidson Orchard Adventure - how tall this fall?

Davidson Orchard Adventure - growth chart

Davidson Orchard Adventure - mommy daughter


Davidson Orchard Adventure - playground


I wish I could have got cute photos of the kiddos in the pumpkin castle, but there was a school of kids eating lunch in it while we were there, and my kiddos were more into the playground. I’ll try again next year!

Davidson Orchard Adventure - pumpkin castle

Davidson Orchard Adventure - bike

AANNNDDDD it’s time to go….

Davidson Orchard Adventure - time to go

Mommy daughter booties! I never thought I’d be a mom who wanted to dress like her little girl, but it’s so fun!

Davidson Orchard Adventure - mommy daughter boots

We had so much fun at on our Davidson Orchard Adventure! There is plenty more to see and do there than I showed on the blog. One of the activities is a small train that will give you a tour of the orchard, however, be warned not to tell your kids about it if you are visiting the orchard on a weekday, because it is only available on the weekend and only at certain times of the day! Corbin was kind of devastated about this… But you dont need the train to have a great time at the orchard. You should totally check out this super cute attraction if you are in the Okanogan in the fall. It’s an awesome place to get super cute photos of the kiddos! And just maybe you will run into the beautiful and inspiring miss Jillian Harris, if you are super lucky! LOL!

Until next time, enjoy taking super cute photos of your kiddos, and enjoy creating beautiful memories!


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P.P.P.S. Here are some links to both mom and toddler boots so that you can match with your little girly too! SO FUN!

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