DIY Heart Shaped Hand Warmers! – Tutorial!

It’s SNOWING!!! It’s the beginning of November and it’s already snowing! Here in Kelowna we got almost a foot of snow in the last few days and now it has mostly turned to ice. We now live in an ice oasis! You may sense that this is not my favourite thing in the world. Main reason is because we live with a very steep driveway that becomes our third child during the snowy season. It has to be shoveled multiple times a day otherwise it becomes a sheet of ice and we will no longer be able to park in the garage and let me emphasise how much I don’t want to be carrying 2 screaming toddlers up and down that driveway with all of their toys and must have necessities. IT’S JUST NOT HAPPENING! So this driveway… It’s as much work as a baby. So… to make this baby just a little more enjoyable to care for I made my family these super cute heart shaped hand warmers!!! YAY!! Anything to make the life of a snow shoveller just that much better. Here is a little tutorial so that you can make some too!

DIY Heart Shaped Hand Warmers - pin

So I know that these little heart shaped hand warmers are nothing new to the internet. There are lots of different hand warmers tutorials to be found. You can search DIY hand warmers on Pinterest and tones will come up. But, I thought the ones I made were just to cute not to share with you. I have actually made my first batch of these hand warmers for friends and family years ago and they were a hit. So I thought I’d bring them back now that I have little kiddos, whose hands just can’t handle the cold for very long. If their hands are cold they can just put their hands in their toasty pockets and warm their fingers right up. They love them! So here is a little tutorial to make some for your own friends and family too!



  • 2 pieces of fabric (I used 4 inch by 4 inch pieces of quilting weight fabric, but you can use (see in photo below)
  • Scissors
  • Pen/Pencil
  • Sewing Machine (not essential, these puppies could be hand stitched as well)
  • Coordinating Thread
  • White rice (I’m not sure if other types of rice works for this project, but let me know if you try it)
  • Funnel (I didn’t have one and the rice went everywhere. (I wish I had a small funnel to add the rice to the heart)
  • Ribbon (optional for wrapping your heart shaped hand warmers together to gift to your friends and family)


Step 1: Collect your supplies and have fun choosing different fabrics for your heart shaped hand warmers. Now that I think about it, you could even use patch work to make each side these super cute heart pocket hand warmers (now I wish I had done that. Maaaybe I’ll do an update another day).

Step 2: Create a heart template. Like this…

DIY Heart Shaped Hand Warmers - template

Step 3: Sew your heart pieces of fabric together face side to face side, and don’t forget to leave about an inch gap so hat you can turn you heart the right way out.

DIY Heart Shaped Hand Warmers - sewing instructions

Step 4: Turn your heart the right way out.

Step 5: Fill your heart with white rice. A funnel would be really handy for this, but it’s not essential as I was able to fill mine without one. However, I got rice everywhere!! I just recommend doing it over something to catch all the rice that doesn’t make it into he heart, such as a bowl. wink!

NOTE: Don’t fill the heart to the brim. You want to leave enough room to be able to sew the hole closed. Like this…

DIY Heart Shaped Hand Warmers - rice filled

Step 6: Sew hole closed. Like this…

NOTE: I am a bit of a lazy sewer at times and may use my machine more than usual. So… if you don’t want to see that little line of stitches on the outside of your heart pocket hand warmers you can take the time to hand stitch it closed. I recommended a great tutorial (not mine) over on another post called “How to sew baby blocks with taggies – Tutorial“. It’s the invisible stitch and its awesome at finishing off sewing projects like this.

DIY Heart Shaped Hand Warmers - sew

DONE!!! Excellent news!! Your hands will be toasty warm this season!! You’re welcome!! lol wink.

Now make a whole bunch for everyone you know! They will appreciate it!

DIY Heart Shaped Hand Warmers - done

DIY Heart Shaped Hand Warmers - make for whole family

DIY Heart Shaped Hand Warmers - just microwave for 30 sec

DIY Heart Shaped Hand Warmers - great gift idea

Wrap a cute little ribbon bow around a set and they make a super cute gift. They are great as a house-warming gift, stocking stuffer, or for someone who likes to go for longs walks in the snow???? Maybe you could make a bunch for the parents watching there kiddos playing a soccer game. I hope to be one of those freezing parents soon, and you know I’ll have my heart shaped hand warmers with me.

DIY Heart Shaped Hand Warmers - stocking stuffer

So… I guess I should mention how to use them. lol.


They could burn after 30 seconds…. You have been warned….


Lastly… I do know that everyone doesn’t enjoy creating as much as I do, so here is a couple of links to some awesome creators who sell their beautiful creations on Etsy, where you can buy some super awesome hand warmers for everyone in your life.


I hope this little tutorial gives you a little easy project to better the life of your fingers and the fingers of your peeps this winter season. Let me know if you make them. I’d love to see your creations too! Until next time, enjoy creating and making beautiful things!


P.S. Here is a link to some more of my sewing tutorials.

P.P.S. Here is a link to the sewing machine that I use to create a beautiful life!

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