Halloween Traditions with the Kiddos!

Halloween traditions are so fun to make as a family. This Halloween season is almost over and it has been so fun! I love the change in weather, so we can snuggle up in comfy clothes, and drink warm bevies, and the kiddos love dressing up!  My kid definitely have their favorite costumes. Corbin loves his Police Officer, and Ivy loves being “a corn” otherwise know as a unicorn! We do have other costumes… but it’s a fight to dress them in them, so this is what we are going to be again this year! Look at Ivy’s smile!! She would live as a unicorn if I let her!

So I was thinking of rounding up our Halloween Traditions that we enjoy yearly during this season, because I always love reading about what other families are up to. Let me know what your family Halloween traditions are with your kiddos?!?! We are always up for a new fun adventure!

Halloween Traditions with the Kiddos - photo shoot


# 1. Kids Costume Photo Shoot!! Every year I like to document the kiddos cuteness in their costumes, so most of the photos in this post are from our little photo shoot that I did around our house. This is this years best photo above

This is last year… look at baby Ivy!!

Halloween Traditions with the Kiddos - baby lions

The year before… (Ivy was almost due at the time)

Halloween Traditions with the Kiddos - 2 years ago

And the year before! (Ivy was not even yet conceived) Look at baby Corbin! He was a very smiley baby! Oh, how I miss that baby!!

Halloween Traditions with the Kiddos - 3 years ago


# 2. Visiting the Pumpkin Patch! We did 2 different farms this season. We loved playing at both of these beautiful farms that had so many toddler friendly activities that both of the kids could partake in. You can check out these 2 adventures here:


Halloween Traditions with the Kiddos - crazy face

# 3. Carving Pumpkins! This year we got 4 large pumpkins. You may think that carving a pumpkin would be my thing because I enjoy being crafty AF, BUT I actually hate it!! Shawnikins is the pumpkin carver in our family. I do however enjoy scooping out the guts and picking out all the pumpkin seeds. It’s kind of like picking a pimple! Getting all the pumpkin seeds out feels so good!! That’s my thing… Anyways… Another tradition I always do is Roasting Pumpkin Seeds. I was thinking of doing a post on “The Best Pumpkin seeds EVER” but I was too lazy to take photos of them so I didn’t. Maybe next year. Stay tuned for that. LOL…

NOTE: For the kiddos pumpkins we get them to draw a face on the pumpkin (pretty much just scribbles to be interpreted) and Shawnikins cuts out the scribbles to make a face. The kids are so happy when they see their face creation lit up!

Halloween Traditions with the Kiddos - pumpkin sharpy Halloween Traditions with the Kiddos - scribble face

# 4. Decorating for Halloween. Outside this year we have a skeleton theme on our front steps.  A big cloaked skeleton is holding a baby skeleton, because Ivy was wondering where the baby was… oh and tombstones and RATS!

Inside the house we have spider webs galore, where tones of spiders live. I also made Spooky Beaded Spiders this year!

Halloween Traditions with the Kiddos - rats

# 5. Go on a neighbourhood walk to see all the spooky decorations before Halloween. Their favorite spooky decorations to spot are skeletons, spiders, and of course pumpkins!

Halloween Traditions with the Kiddos - decorate

# 6. Read Halloween books. We have 3 Halloween books that the kiddos enjoy. Itsy Bitsy Pumpkin, The Hallo-wiener, and Little Ghost Party.

Halloween Traditions with the Kiddos - Halloween books

# 7. Watch Halloween Kid Shows. This is Ivy’s jam. Her favorite spooky movies to watch are Coraline (the songs in this movie were the only thing that would sooth baby Ivy to sleep as a newborn, I know! She’s super creepy… Now that she knows what’s going on, I skip past the end part) and Hotel Transylvania #1 and #2. Corbin loves Monsters University (actually they both do. It’s not often that they will agree on anything so Monsters University is my go to movie on popcorn nights).

Halloween Traditions with the Kiddos - Halloween shows

# 7. Make Halloween themed snacks and meals. This year we made Creepy Spider Chocolate Chip Cookies (My Fav), Watermelon Monsters, and Spider Pita Pizzas.

Halloween Traditions with the Kiddos - unicorn

# 8. Make Halloween Themed Kids Crafts. This year I slacked a bit on this one and the kids just put Halloween stickers on foam orange pumpkins. However, putting stickers on anything is pretty much one of their favorite things to do. Actually anything that sticks to something else, is awesome to these kids. They put tape on everything, oh and I can’t forget boogers!! They like to wipe boogers on everything.. especially on ME! So Great!

Halloween Traditions with the Kiddos - themed snacks

# 9. And Of Course TRICK-OR-TREATING!!

And that’s my little list of Halloween Traditions! Please give me some more ideas. If there is something super fun that you and your kiddos do each year to get in the Halloween spirit, let us know in the comments below. I hope this list provides a little inspiration to new families to start your own Halloween traditions too! Until next time, have a safe, spooky, and fun Halloween, and enjoy making beautiful memories!


P.S. Check out some of our other kid friendly adventures here!

P.P.S. Here are some links to get some super cute Halloween books for your kiddos. Check them out by clicking on the photos below!


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